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Oct 18, 2006 05:10 PM

PARK SLOPE COOP: what's good this week? butter! what else?

I just noticed that the Coop is selling alot of new butters - new to me anyway.
They might have been there for months, I don't know.
President from France (which is GREAT), goat butter, plugra
in addition to the Irish butter and the Vermont stuff that comes in a yellow paper roll looking like polenta which was my favorite before President made the shelves.

I'd like to start a rolling list of what's new and fabulous, since for me it's impossible to keep track and I constantly have the experience of wondering "When Did We Start Selling THIS?"
So, what's new?

I think the season for the fresh wild salmon is finished, fyi.

And there's some very expensive artisanal raw milk cheese from France showing up on the bottom shelf this week. We got a sliver of Salers de Burons - hard like a parmigiano with an addictive acidic tinge.

PLEASE, no Coop haters or drama -- just food, what YOUR latest find is . . .

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  1. I think this is a great idea!

    I noticed there are alot of new items in the frozen foods aisle. They have alot of Indian frozen foods that look interesting. I have tried the frozen tamales which I would say were just OK. I have also tried the frozen empanadas. There are several types-corn and cheese, rice and bean, tofu with a green veg., chicken and beef. They are pretty good---perfect for when you don't feel like cooking anything.

    Also it seems like they are increasing the vegan section by leaps and bounds.

    When I was there last week there were brussel sprouts that looked great.

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          1. dimples
            I've tried the frozen green chile tamales - Buenatural I think is the brand. I like them alot for breakfast, but they're pretty bland.

            The rest of the frozen aisle is a total mystery to me . . .