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Oct 18, 2006 04:33 PM


Any musts for din din

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    1. If you're in downtown Reno, I like LaStrada at the El Dorado. The top restaurants at The Atlantis and The Peppermill are supposed to be pretty good.
      If you have transportation, consider Ciao Reno on South Virgina a few blocks south of Neil Road. RevAndy just wrote a rave review about Fourth Street Bistro on East Fourth Street in Reno. LuLou's on South Virginia Street at Mount Rose Street has a pretty good reputation.
      Bangkok Cuisine on Mount Rose Street (not the Mount Rose Highway) has good Thai food. Most of the Thai restaurants in Reno are pretty decent.

      1. I like the Cafe Beaujolais for a downtown meal away from a casino -- country French. The bar that's next door to it (I think its called the Green Room)has some good late-night live music. Both are on West Street.

        1. I'm a fan of La Famiglia on corner of Lake & First, Washoe Grill on West Fourth, I'll second, Ciao, too, as well as LuLous. BTW 4th St. Bistro is on West Fourth, not East Fourth. Oh, and Big Eds - dumpy, but fun and good, basic food.

          1. Try:

            Luis' Basque Corner
            301 E. 4th Street Reno 89512
            E of Virginia, W. of Wells, Closed Sundays
            775-323-7203 At one time the best Basque food in area.
            Served family style in the back behind the bar.