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Oct 18, 2006 04:30 PM

Prezza tonite

I am going for the first time tonite.
I have reviewed other posts been it's been awhile since there has been one.
Besides the clam chowda and pork entree.....
what else might you suggest?

thanks hounds!

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  1. If they have the paella on the menu (it appears to be seasonal), it's fantastic, absolute have-to-finish-every-last-grain-of-rice good!

      1. Just thinking about this is making me so_hungry!

        I love the beef tar tare and the tuna tar tare. The wood grilled squid with goat cheese appa is also great, if you dig that kind of thing. Chestnut ravioli with duck is one of my favorites. I'm also very fond of the seafood stew and the lamb entree with squash risotto. Honestly, I've never had a bad meal and I really, really enjoy eating here. Damn I need to get there again soon!

        1. There Tuna Tar Tare is as good as my favorite at Mistral.Apps and dinner alone at the bar is fun there as well, lots of characters at the bar.Splurge on an Italian wine, whites from Silvio Jermann are the best.Always great energy there as well.