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Oct 18, 2006 04:29 PM

Cafe Sabarsky worth it for dinner?

Is Cafe Sabarsky worth going to for dinner or is more of a dessert and espresso place? Any other recs? My friend and I are going to a gala in that area, and we want a place with some ambience so we don't feel totally out of place in cocktail dresses but won't break the bank either.

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  1. Make sure to check the dinner hours & days, as I think they may close on the early side and they may not be open for dinner all days. They do have plenty of savory food, and I've really enjoyed the smoked-trout crepes, the duck salad, the fresh pea soup--they also have a variety of sandwiches, goulash, and sausages. Nice Austrian/German wine list, and of course, fabulous cakes. I think it sounds like a good fit for your evening.

    1. We've had lunch at Sabarsky. The food is delicious, and the overall ambiance is charming. However, I would only go there for dinner if I could be assured of being seated in one of the spacious booths because the free-standing tables and chairs did not appear to be particularly comfortable. I have no idea how people dress there for dinner, but I suspect cocktail dresses may be a bit too formal.

      You might want to consider Cafe Boulud. The cuisine is superb, service is cordial and polished, and the room has stylish contemporary decor. Since most of the gentlemen wear jackets (though not required), and the ladies dress up a bit, you will feel completely comfortable in cocktail dresses. It is upscale, but the menu is totally a la carte, so you are not forced into ordering 3 courses as with prix-fixes and, of course, you can share things.