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Oct 18, 2006 03:47 PM

Near Pantages Dining: Hungry Cat or Magnolia? (or somewhere else?)

Going to the Pantages this Sunday (last day of "Sweet Charity" with Molly Ringwald) and looking for some good pre- or post- theater dining options. The only two I know from the block are Magnolia & Hungry Cat. Been to the H.C. before, but have not tried Magnolia and am curious. Also wondering if there are other places to check out (within walking distance -- a few blocks radius).

Of course, any suggested dishes/drinks to check out is appreciated too.

Thanks for the help! (PS: i'm willing to give new restaurants in the area a try too, at least it'll be some fresh material for the blog ;) )


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  1. Have you been to eat. on Sunset yet? I had a pleasant dinner there a few months ago. It's at the old Patina Hollywood space (Sunset/Gower) - not exactly "LA" walking distance, but only a handful of blocks away.

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      Haha -- I did a big ole write-up on the board about it a few months back (wish I took pictures now):

      but thanks for the reminder, that's another viable (and yes, walkable for me) option to add to the mix.


    2. Magnolia isn't bad, but Bowery is right next door and is a bit more casual, but still really good. Great burgers, fries, salads, and they serve Pabst Blue Ribbon in a can, but it's a classy joint!

      1. Los Balcones del Peru is blog-filling material.

        1. Perhaps we're stuck in a rut, but for convenience balanced with the ease of parking and of being a regular, we do Musso before the Pantages, and will be there tomorrow night before the show. If you elect to go there, beware the land mines on the menu, which are basically everything except the grilled items. Steaks (not the porter house), Frenched lanb chops and the filet are wonderful. Not Mastro's, but OK factoring in the ambiance and the swell drinks. Have a great time at the show. For intermission drinks, the Frolic Room next door is a blast if you won't be scared by the regulars (they seem inocent).

          1. I agree with Tom Swift on Musso's. I also like Magnolia quite a bit. I have not been to Bowery, though, although I have wanted to try it.