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Oct 18, 2006 03:35 PM

Cobblestone Foods--where's the chow?

Walked into the new Cobblestone Foods (what used to be Tuller's). It looks just like Tuller's, only...without the food! It is maybe 1/3 stocked, and looks very skimpy. However, the prices are equal to, or even higher than Tuller's already-high markup. $5 loaves of bread, $7 for a tiny basket of Vermont butter, etc. They do, however, have already-pureed plastic cups of baby food (aka plain boiled and mashed vegetables), so that all those Cobble Hill mommies (you know, the ones that have already taken over the Tea Lounge with their double-wide strollers) have yet another thing to spend their money on. In my opinion, much better food selection and warmer vibe at Stinky Brooklyn, over on Smith.

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  1. Why does this not surprise me?

    If Tuller-Cobblestone can actually pull this off (just how much butter does one get for their $7-spot?), then you'll likely see Dean & DeLuca viewing this test case and snapping up some choice Heights-Hill real estate soon thereafter.

    1. Stinky Brooklyn ain’t no bargain either and it isn’t exactly stuffed floor to ceiling. And since Cobblestone Foods said they were (re)opening in October, did you ever think they might have logistical problems they’re still dealing with? Did you ask someone @ CF why it looked so bare? If memory serves me correctly, Fairway had loads of issues when they first opened and was widely bitched about on this board (and wrongly so IMO) but it hasn’t stop people from shopping there. And what gourmet grocer doesn’t have double-wide strollers clogging their aisles? CF may/may not be the answer for the serious epicurean, but it certainly beats another realtor/cell-phone retailer/nail salon.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I stopped in briefly yesterday. Didn't take the time to sample prepared foods or cheese but what I did do wa look immediatley to see if they carried the same eggs that Tuller's did. No such luck and I made the mistake of never really noting the name of the farm they came from. They had the brightest orange yolks and were basically the best eggs i've been able to buy in brookln other than clonshee (which are practically impossible to find). Anyone remember where Tuler's eggs came from?

          1. You should definitely find out about the eggs if you can, and let the people at Cobblestone know. They seem like they really want to give their customers what they want. They seem really open to suggestions.