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Oct 18, 2006 03:09 PM

Casual dining in Boston?

I'll be in Boston this weekend and looking for a great, but casual place to have lunch while out seeing the historical sites. We're open to pub, restaurant, etc. but would like a local's place versus touristy. Any reccomendations?

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  1. What part of Boston will you be in? There are a lot of thread on this topic. You might want to do a search.

    A few that come to mind are Santarpio's in East Boston (classic pizza joint that has been around forever), Pizzeria Regina in the North End (another great pizza place), King Fung Garden in Chinatown (one of the best Chinese restaurants in Boston), and Dok Bua in nearby Brookline (my favorite Thai place in the Boston area).

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      We'll be mostly in the downtown area - thanks for the reccos. And I'll do a search, too.

    2. Chacarero is a take-away sandwich place near Filene's off Washington St. Excellent Chilean sandwiches.

      1. I second the Chacarero rec, also in that area if you would prefer to sit down, Silvertone on Bromfield Street is good.

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        1. parish cafe is always a personal fave for weekend lunch-- excellent margaritas/bloodies, good beer list, and sandwiches designed by the best chefs in the city. if it's on the menu, get the troquet sandwich-- veal cheek banh mi. yumyum.

          1. I second Regina. I like to go there and then get a little dessert afterward at one of the many North End pastry shops (the most well-known are Mike's and Modern--both are good).