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Oct 18, 2006 03:07 PM

sf report

Friday night we ate at Les Amis. What a wonderful little gem. My wife and I ordered exactly the same thing which is something that never happens. Wonderful Lamb Chops for the entree. Our apps were very good also, I just can't recall what they were. Had the sorbet trio for dessert...Fromage blanc, white peach and plum...all very yummy. Service was very good and the dining room was serene and quiet. just what we needed after a long flight and a busy day.

Saturday night(wedding anniv.) The Dining Room. A perfect evening began as soon as we walked in the door and we're greeted with Happy Anniversary! We did the nine course chefs menu. Before we even got to the courses there were three or four amuses. What astounded me was that each course was the same yet different for the two of us...i.e. we each had lobster but for each of us the preperation was different. Essentially it was like an 18 course tasting. Wonderful.

Last night was at Luella. We were a bit wary as they advertise kids night on Sundays but we saw no children. The tuna tacos were good if a bit goopy. Entrees were the best...scallop ravioli with black truffle oil and a cassoulet. dessert was banana creme pie, delicious.

Service at all restaurants was excellent. Sorry that I can't find anything negative to say but I would really have to nitpick.

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  1. Thanks so much for the report -- I'm glad you had a good visit and such a splendid anniversary!

    1. We took a friend from Reno to Luella last Friday night. One of the specials was pumpkin soup which he had. Ask us if we minded if he licked the bowl. He also had the scallop ravioli with the black truffle oil and was again, in food heaven. My wife and I both had the cassoulet, another special. Please note this was anything but a conventional cassoulet. It was more a bean dish with a duck confit leg on top. Still, it was wonderful, neither of us left a bite on the plate. Dessert for me was my usual dessert at Luella, the ricotta fritters drizzed with honey. Our friend also had the banana cream tart which he just loved.

      We've eaten at Luella at least half a dozen times or more and have never been disappointed.

      Your annversary dinner at the Dining Room reminds me of ours last year. It too started with a "Happy Anniversary" and just went up hill from there. It couldn't have been more perfect.

      Glad you had such a great experience.