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Oct 18, 2006 02:59 PM

Anniversary Dinner coming up, any ideas on places to go?

I have a big anniversary coming up with my bf and we are trying to plan a place to dine. Our anniversary is on a Monday night and we live in Fairfax, so probablly something in the NOVA area, we prob don't want to venture downtown. Any suggestions on a nice romantic reasonably priced place? Thanks :)

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  1. 2941 might be a good choice. It's just off the intersection of 495/rt.50 (Arl.Blvd) in Merrifield. Of course in Alex. there is Restaurant Eve. These are reasonably priced and very good. Ciao!

    1. We had our anniversary dinner at Colvin Run last year and was very pleased with the experience. Tell them it's an anniversary dinner when you make the reservation and they'll include a nice gift for you when you are finished.

      1. sounds great! ive heard good things about colvin run... are they pricey though? thanks for the ideas! keep them coming :)

        1. I think the entrees are about in the neighborhood of about $30. Not that expensive but very good eating. Wine at about $50 a bottle average and you'll spend about $100 per person.