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Oct 18, 2006 01:59 PM

Montreal - Monday Night

I'll be in Montreal for a few nights, and have most of our restaurant itinerary planned. However, I'm stuck on Monday night, since so many great restaurants are closed. Any suggestions for Monday night favorites? While I'd prefer French, I'm open to anything unique or great.

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  1. My Monday night fave is Le Continental. It is a bistro on St-Denis, and probably one of the only places that have ambiance on a Monday night. If you are dining alone, I suggest that you sit at the atmosphere and good bistro food!

    1. Restaurant O Thym is open on Monday nights. It's a byob.
      I liked the food on a recent visit.
      Address: 1112, boulevard de Maisonneuve East
      Tel: 514-525-3443

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        Mas des Oliviers is a good French, Monday night choice on rue Bishop downtown.


      2. La Papaya Vert (pretty good Vietnamese restaurant) on Bishop, near Park is open, as would be virutally any Asian restaurant.

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        1. re: UnConundrum

          When was the last time you ate at La Papaye Verte, UnC? (Btw, it's on *Bernard* near Park, which, shockingly, looks set to become Avenue Robert Bourassa; Bishop is downtown, a block west of Crescent.) The reason I ask is because the last two meals I had there were so bad I stomped out, swearing never to return -- a promise I've kept for three or four years now.

          1. re: carswell

            Sorry, senior moment :( got my "B"s mixed up. Bernard it clearly is. We too had sworn off for a few years, but we had noticed the crowds growing, and stopped in about 9 months ago, and, while not what it used to be, wasn't as bad as it was either. Guess we hit them on a rare good night.

        2. My last two meals have been bad bad at La Papaya Verte. The last time I decided to eat there, was only because it was given three stars(out of 4) by the Montreal Gazette critic. I found it overpriced, & based on what I got, it seemed their food was catering to non-Asians.

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          1. re: BLM

            not many asians live around bernard and hutchison
            did they serve you chopped liver and kishka?

            1. re: celfie

              I remembered ordering a grilled beef dish, that was bland & very expensive. Along with grilled beef on the same plate was something that reminded me of Canadian chinese food(chop suey something or another). I also ordered something else that tasted awful, but can't remember what exactly now(this meal was around 3 years ago).

          2. You might want to check today's NYT (online at for their reporting "36 Hours in Montreal." They may have some good suggestions.