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Oct 18, 2006 01:25 PM

Restaurant in downtown DC

I'm meeting an old friend for dinner tomorrow night, and we're looking for someplace to go. There's construction all around me at the moment, and I can't think of a thing. She'll be staying near the White House, but anywhere in downtown DC (incl. Dupont) is good. I'm thinking up to moderate price range (but can be less, of course), not steak and not sushi, and someplace not too noisy, so we can talk. Other than that, it's wide open ... what do you recommend? Thanks!

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  1. I'd suggest Corduroy. It gets disparaged a little for its less-than-exciting atmosphere, but it's nice enough and it's always quiet. And the food is consistently fantastic.

    1. Les Halles is right near the white house, is relaxing but quality and moderately quiet. They know how to leave you alone, too.

      French food with a focus on beef, but there are a LOT of options.

      1. Acadianan Restaurant across the convention center. I was there recently and had a great meal. try the roasted sweet corn and crab soup and roasted duck.

        1. East of the White House:
          Red Sage at 14th and F - Border Cafe is less expensive than the grill
          Butterfield 9 , also at 14th and F, is wonderful - expensive but they have special menus, pre- and post-theatre, degustation, bar plates, etc.
          Fourth Estate at the National Press Club (14th and F) is open to non-members at slightly higher menu prices - good food, quiet dining room at night
          M & S Grill at 13th and F - good American style food
          Chef Geoff on 13th between E and F
          Tosca at 1112 F is expensive but wonderful, quiet at night.
          And if you can get the right table away from the noise of the bar, Old Ebbitt is a faithful fallback.

          1. Oval Room, just off of Lafayette Park, is getting good reviews these days. Bombay Palace is across the street if Indian suits you--an elegant and spacious place.