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fried seafood

my wife and i regularly take a long drive to either mass or ct from westchester for great fried clams and shrimp

where in the nyc metro area can i get this?

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  1. If you're looking for that seaside vibe for fried seafood here in NYC your best bet would be City Island. 50% Bronx, 50% Northeastern fishing village.

    1. I was rather disappointed with the restaurants on City Island. The seafood tastes like the stuff you get at the San Gennaro fest...second rate at best.

      I think that Bigelow's Fried Clam shack on Long Island is much better than anything on City Island. They import their clams daily from Ipswich and you can get the whole belly clams as opposed to just the strips. The shrimp are good too...

      Great description with pictures here:

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        Where did you eat on City Island that you were so dissapointed in? I think there is a range there as there is anywhere.

      2. i forget the names of the places...but on 3 separate occasions at 3 different restaurants I found the fish to be subpar. It seemed like it was all frozen.

        1. I don't like City Island's restos much. If I want fried seafood, I go to a southern place like amy ruth's or else to Mary's fish camp.


          1. I think City Island certainly has it's own charms and should be appreciated for what it is. I've had some good lobsters at the Lobster House. There is a place at the other end of the island that is more of a fried fish stand like you'd see in beach towns.

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              Johnny's Reef at the far end of the island, on the left. Huge piles of fried seafood...I love the scallops, fish, and lobster tails. The broiled fish is good too. Sitting outside at a picnic table with cans of Corona surrounded by huge Bronx families and kids throwing french fries to the seagulls is one of the best NYC experiences.

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                I gotta say Johnny's Reef one of the places I tried...even gave it a second shot. The seafood tasted frozen. Aside from the seagulls crapping on you...you might as well get a box of Gorton's.

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                  those WIRES keep them from crapping on you...never have I been crapped upon. Nor my food. I still like those scallops, frozen or not...

            2. Try Louie'ss Sea foud rest in Pt Washington NY

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                Louies in Pt Wash really went downhill in my opinion after the recent renovation. Yes, the atmosphere is much improved, but food just isn't the same. I even miss the kitsch of the old place.

              2. Does anyone have an opinion on Steamer's Landing? Someone at work raved about it and I'm wondering of it's worth the trip from Manhattan.


                1. If you're north of New Haven, I recommend Bill's Seafood in Clinton. I've enjoyed the food the four times I've been there, but I especially like the outdoor deck which overlooks an inlet.

                  Down the road is "The Place" in Guilford. It has a huge outdoor grill and serves all sorts of grilled or steamed and raw seafood. It is all outdoors under the trees and table umbrellas. I'm not sure of the fried food put it sure is fun there.

                  During the warmer months, visit Seaside Johnny's in Rye -- very close to Rye Playland -- voted best seafood/family/fried food in a Journal News poll in the past couple years. Cash only.

                  Happy dunking

                  1. There is a spot near South Street Seaport that used to serve the most delicious "buckets" of fried seafood (clams, oysters, shrimp, calamari) that I've ever had. Great pitchers of beer too, can't find too many places in Manhattan that serve pitchers. I say used to, because I haven't been in about a year or so. I wish I could remember the name! It's right up against the south side of the Brooklyn Bridge one block west of the East River, a little out of the way from the really tourist-y spots, but not entirely removed from it. It's a huge converted warehouse with concrete floors and folding chairs and tables and big screen TVs showing every conceivable game all over the walls. I can't imagine that it would be enjoyable on a Friday/Saturday night, but I've been late on a Sunday afternoon and had a blast. Rumor is it used to be a longshoremen's hangout. Not sure about the quality of the fish since the Fish Market moved, but it might be worth a try.

                    1. The place you are refering to in the South Street area is called Jermey's Ale House, now relocated just down the street to 228 Front Street, New York, NY 10038 ยท (212) 964-3537, http://www.jeremysalehouse.com/.

                      I highly recommend the fried calamari, a 32oz bucket of Bass and especially, the clam chowder.

                      They also have a location on Long Island in Freeport on The Nautical Mile which has many seafood restaurants including Otto's, which is quite popular and often featuring live music on summer weekends

                      Jeremy's Ale House
                      in Freeport, Long Island
                      is now open on the "Nautical Mile" at
                      239 Woodcleft Avenue.
                      Phone: 516.623.0204

                      Happy Trails

                      1. I can't believe you haven't hear of Peal Oyster Bar in NYC. It is one of THE BEST places for seafood. They have the best fried oysters with out- of- this- world homemade tartare sauce and everything else is really good there as well they are also known for their excellent lobster rolls too. You HAVE to try it.

                        One bad thing is kinda small place and really long lines but SOOO worth it!!!

                        PEARL OYSTER BAR

                        1. of course i know of pearl oyster bar however it is a little expensive compared to the other places and even though we love the city i would rather go to new england on a road trip