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Oct 18, 2006 01:12 PM

Discussing Local Critics on Local Boards


Hey does everybody know who Tom Sietsma is? I didn't think so. Wouldn't it be great if all you people who like to talk about how Emeril is a dumbass could keep up with local restaurant critics on your Food Media and News and Rachel Ray Sucks Board?

Or maybe it would be better if nobody discussed local restaurant critics b/c they are of no interest on the Food Network Has Jumped the Shark Board, and they are not to be discussed on the local boards. Because, you know, the local boards are about finding good chow in a particular location. How could a local restaurant critic's strengths and weaknesses help with that?

  1. Chowhound's regional boards have a very specific and narrow mission- to share tips with other hounds on where to find the best chow. We don't aim to be a clearinghouse for all discussions related to food that might be of interest to hounds on a local board. Food critics are discussed on the Food Media and News board. (And if you think that board is too overrun with Food Network bashing, we agree with you. You may notice we have asked people to ratchet back on those discussions.)

    If you want to start a discussion of a local critic, and want to be sure you're getting the input of local hounds, the way to do it is to start the discussion on the Food Media and News board, and then to put a "heads up" post on your local board, pointing hounds towards your discussion on the correct board. We'll usually lock such posts in order to be sure the discussion ends up in the right place, and the local boards can stay focused on discussing local chow.