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Oct 18, 2006 12:47 PM

Eggs Benedict

Will be in Manhattan early next year and my wife (for whatever reason she may have!) has her heart set on getting some good Eggs Benedict whilst we are there

We'll be staying on Lexington at East 38th, so any recommendations on somewhere in that area where we can go one morning to allow my wife to enjoy some good eggs Benedict?

Thanks to you all!!

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    1. Well, not exactly in the area, but if you are willing to hop on the 6 train at 33rd St down to Astor Place (4 stops), then walk east on St Mark's to Cafe Mogador (3 long blocks, between 1st and A), you will find about 6 versions of sublime eggs benedict made with perfectly poached organic eggs. Then you can stroll around Tompkins Square park and grab a Beard Papa cream puff at Astor and Broadway before heading back uptown.

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        i second the mogador brunch recommendation--poached eggs over halloumi cheese, over thick bacon and roast tomato, yum. they expanded a year or two ago, and their waits aren't outrageous as a result, in contrast to just about anywhere else in the neighborhood.

        and, if you go on a sunday, you can stop at the tompkin square park farmer's market, and get a ronnybrook farms yogurt drink (so creamy and luscious) and stop by norwich meadows farms, purveyors of the best cucumbers i've ever had in the US.

      2. Also in the Village on Downing Street-Ditch Plains lets you construct your own with some unusual ingredients (for eggs benedict that is). I enjoyed the substitution of morcilla for ham and they also offer chorizo and other toppings.

        1. The last time I was in NYC, I had the pleasure of enjoying the eggs benedict at Michael's.
          24 W. 55th St. Again, not in your area, but...

          Here's a link to their menu.