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Oct 18, 2006 12:32 PM


Prinz, a lifestyle magazine, just published it's 2007 issue with the "500-list" of Munich restaurants. The ratings are obviously based on personal experience and not necessarily reproducible. Furthermore the 5 gourmet restaurants like Tantris are mentioned as "Top 5", but not individually rated.
Although I personally do not agree with everything, the comments on the restaurants in general are very acceptable and helpful.
The winners are
Asian: Mangostin, Maria Einsiedel Strasse. 2, 5/5 (Cuisine/Atmoshpere points)
Vietneamese: Cyclo, Theresienstrasse 70, 5/5
Thay: Yum, Utzschneider Strasse 6, 5/4
Japanese: Shoya, Ehrengutstrasse 27, 5/5
Bavarian: Wirtshaus in der Au, Lilienstrasse 51, 5/5
Fish: Jean de St. Malo, Holzstrasse 25, 5/5
French: Barestovino, Thierschstrasse. 35, 4/5
Greek: Kytaro, K├Âniginstrasse 34, 5/5
Indian: Shalimar, Morassistrasse 16, 5/5
International (fusion): Nektar, Stubenvollstrasse 1, 5/5
Italian: Degustini, Kapuzinerstrasse 25, 5/4
Latin/Caribbean: Fouquets, Nordentstrasse 10, 5/5
Spanish: Centro Espanol, Daiserstrasse 24, 5/5
Vegetarian: Kaede, Sommerstrasse 41, 5/4
Late Dinner: Cosmogrill, Maximilianstrasse 10, 5/5

There are others with a 5/5 rating without becoming "winner" like Kleinschmidtz, Fraunhoferstrasse 13 or Rubico, Klenzestrasse 62.
The otherwise highly rated Schneiderweisse only made a disappointing 2/4.

The magazine can be purchased at most newsstands for 4.95

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  1. Thanks for posting the list. I truly appreciate it! Will try to visit a few of them next week;)

    1. I rarely find the Prinz rankings all that useful. I think they go for atmosphere/trendiness over food quality. The way the place looks is of course a factor for me as well, but for example I found Yum & Mangosteen very pretty to look at but the kitchens wanting. Coupled with relatively high prices -- there are certainly better bets in town.

      I've found the annual magazine "Delikat-Essen" to be much more reliable. I think the reviewers have a much better idea what they are talking about and give a very accurate sense of what to expect from a place. I believe Delikat-Essen comes out sometime in May?

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      1. re: Behemoth

        I agree with you - just Yum and Mangostin are not among my favorites as well. And the present Delikat-Essen came out in late May, so the same will apply for 2007.
        With respect to your earlier comments I only discovered today: I think Sushibar has the best sushi of all (Prinz: 5/4), I have never been to Haguruma (Prinz: 4/3) and I do not know a source for premium sake. But Negronis Mauro certainly could tell.

      2. Cheers, Marc -- thanks for the useful advice. Looking over your list again, I will say we enjoyed Le Barestovino quite a bit but I don't know if it would be considered *the* best French place in town. Probably best value for the money, however. That's all the ones I've been to on the list but considering we've been in Munich for less than a year and have our own neighborhood faves it's not too bad I think :-)

        1. While it wasn't anything to rave about, I thought Yum was pretty good, and I'm spoiled in the Thai department coming from San Francisco.

          I also agree that Cyclo does excellent Vietnamese.

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          1. re: crunchy

            Thanks for the list Marc. I would agree with Behemoth on the style over substance rankings of Prinz. Although Yum is beautiful, I was disappointed with the food (in comparison with Thaitown LA), and slightly offended when they tried to pass off a mussaman curry that was nothing resembling what it should have been. Cyclo is pretty tasty, but a good value, I don't know.

            1. re: desylicious

              Since this thread is up -- a recommendation for those missing real dim sum: China Restaurant Jade on Hofangerstr. 7. (Near the Michaelibad stop on the U5 line.)

              They have a pretty extensive dim sum menu on the back page of the Karte. You won't think you are in San Francisco or anything, but house-made har gau, siau mai, those big wide rice noodles (cheung fan?) and char siu bao! And those little bone-in pork ribs in black bean sauce that decimate any attempt at good german table manners.

              They open at 11:30 so you could actually make a brunch of it. Oh, it's about 3-4 euro per standard size dim sum order.

          2. I had a very impressive, delicious, creative meal at Kleinschmidtz, Fraunhoferstrasse 13. Awesome, memorable amouse bouche, excellent Friul rot wein. Skilled chef at the highest level of international standards. Not cheap but totally worth it.