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Oct 18, 2006 12:31 PM

Mortons - Please order dessert souflle NOW

Ok, so I like a good chocolate souffle, rub me with creme anglaise.

The waiter tells you the "Chef needs 45 minutes to make the souffle" and requires you to order with the shrimp cocktail and overpriced/undercooked steak.

Finish a lousy meal, remember it's Morton's (clients love this place) and then you get the souffle AND IT'S COLD.

Since we've been trashing CF on a bunch of threads, why should we leave the "high enders" of the list. For $100 a person, you would think the souffle should come out warm? Why do they need 45 minutes to make the thing?

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  1. I think it's pretty standard to have to order a souffle at the beginning of the meal if you want it for dessert.

    1. i ordered a chocolate souffle this weekend after our mains and got it in time for dessert. maybe its just a question of how busy the kitchen is.

      1. Same thing with the baked alaska at Antoine's: you want it, you order it before your meal. Is there such a thing as quick souffle?

        1. Souffles require about 30+ minutes of cooking.

          Besides, I am not a fan of warm chocolate: the flavors are muddied when chocolate is warm. Room temperature or slightly above that maximizes the flavor profile.

          1. 45 minutes is a BIT long but it's not unheard of... 30 minutes is the more usual lead time and yes, you order a soufflé when you order your main dishes (or, if it's for an appetiser, as soon as you sit down).

            That said, if it was cold, I'd have sent it back. The whole point of a soufflé is that it's warm and molten in the centre.