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Oct 18, 2006 12:14 PM

Fine Dining = Farty?

I won some money in my office football pool and would like to use it toward a memorable dinner (i.e. tasting menu and attire more formal than designer jeans) with my boyfriend. My top choices right now are Daniel, Bouley, Jean George and Danube. My only concern with each is that at 29 and 27, respectively, my boyfriend and I might feel out of place in a much older crowd. Any thoughts? Thanks!

P.S. A friend suggested we try Perry Street instead. That is certainly on my "to do" list but for whatever reason, I've gotten it in my head that I'd like this to be a more formal, rather than trendy evening.

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  1. I've been to Daniel, Bouley, and JG as a 22 year old with my 21 year old GF and never felt out of place at any of the places. And this was usually while wearing a bad suit!

    I have to say that it was definitely a concern of mine prior to going, but you have to remember that with the quality of these restaurants, it's their job to make you feel 100% welcome. I loved every minute.

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      Thanks so much! Can I ask which of the three you enjoyed the most?

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        Loved all three, but I would probably have to go for Daniel.

    2. Don't ever feel out of place at ANY of the restaurants you have listed. Each one of them is superb and they will make your dinning experience wonderful! This restaurants have Top Chefs, therefore, the hosts as well treat you like the top customer! You will not by any means feel "out of place".

      On your list this is my preference in order:
      1. Daniel
      2. Jean Georges
      3. Bouley
      4. Danube

      Now, make those reservations!!!

      Have a great meal!

      1. I went to all of them when I was 24 and did not feel out of place.

        My ranking is
        1. JG
        2. Bouley
        3. Daniel
        4. Danube

        P.S. Even though it's not on your list, the tasting menu at Gramercy Tavern is delicious, and the last time I went they created a wine pairing for us. It was magnificent.

        1. I went to Danube for dinner two years ago and saw Alice Cooper (sans makeup), so it can't be that stuffy. Then again, dinner was fine--nothing spectacular.