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Oct 18, 2006 11:49 AM


Hi Chowhounders:

Need some help with something not usually in my purview. My boss (37) wants a fourtop at a place in mid-November for a 9:00 dinner that is newish, super trendy, with great people watching/groovy overall vibe and good food/cocktails for a celebratory meal. I imagine that a place like Buddakan would probably fit the bill, but I would love to hear any other thoughts you might have out there.

I know that this is more of a foodie board, but any input would be really appreciated. Cost is not an issue, and we're one month out so getting a reservation should be a reality just about anywhere as long as I do it by the end of this week.

HELP! - and thanks...

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  1. try some of the meatpacking mega places

    spice market
    del posto

    bring the corporate card!

    1. i would 2nd the MPD area. buddakan is the best for people watching and personally i thought the food was way better than expected. loved the edamame dumplings.

      STK is the new hot place. craftsteak was great though a little too business-y to be a scene. morimoto is only ok in my opinion.

      1. It seems that for a scene, people watching etc, meat packing is the way to go and Buddakan is the only place there thus far that is not getting just so-so reviews.

        1. Okay folks - done, and done! Reaservation for Buddakan completed. Thanks for the input!

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            My suggestion is NOBU uptown. It is hip and amazing food and people watching.
            For more tips you could check out my site:
            I would also suggest Trump Grill in Trump Tower.