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Oct 18, 2006 11:31 AM

Brunch in Hell's Kitchen for post bachelorette party

I am looking for a spot to bring around 10 girlfriends for brunch after a big night out. Hell's Kitchen or UWS is the best geography.

Looking for good food, good value and good atmosphere. Just went to Nero in meatpacking for brunch and they had unlimited champagne or bloody plus brunch special for $20. Food was great and the bevies continued to flow. Something like that in Hell's Kitchen or UWS would be great. I once went someplace like that near the Hell's Kitchen flea market but can't remember the name.

Any help fellow chowhounders can provide would be much appreciated!

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  1. I've never been, but my gf tells me that she enjoyed the brunch at Eatery on 9Ave and 53 ST.

    The brunch at Delta Grill and Chelsea Grill were also decent and not too overpriced.

    1. Arte Cafe 106 west 73rd St. Tel. 212.501.7014, has special where you order whatever food you want and for $10 you have unlimited bloody mary/mimosa/bellini/cHAMPAGNE/SCREWDRIVER/ STRAWBERRY SANGRIA. I have no idea about a group reservation there. place is cute and they have pasta as well as typical brunch fare. menu on the website

      Mcaleer's Pub on Amst b/w 80/81 212) 874-8037 is a pub with dark lighting and not a lot of atmosphere but amazing and very reliable brunch -- they have sandwiches as well as traditional eggs, pancakes, waffles, etc. they have different specials for brunch (I don't know what it is right now) and in the past I've had unlimited champagne/mimosa specials.

      Of the two, Arte is likely more expensive, better atmosphere for a party, better equipped to handle larger group and will be more attentive about refilling the drinks. but mcaleer's is so good! but perhaps better for a smaller group

      1. You may be thinking of HK Restaurant (523 9th Ave at 39th St.), which is adjacent to the the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. Haven't been for dinner, but enjoyed the brunch and cocktails.

          1. How about Le Madeline?