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David Chu's Bistro on Reisterstown Road- has anybody been?

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Trying to find out if David Chu's on Reisterstown Road (in Baltimore) is any good, and how it compares to the formerly good Chinese place across from The Pikes.
I don't care about the fact that it's kosher: I'm in that area once a week, and I haven't found any chow-worthy restaurants on Reisterstown Road.

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  1. It is good for Kosher Chinese and not bad for regular Chinese. I am big fan of Mari Lunas (Mexican resturant) which is on Reisterstown Rd. in the area.

    1. Where is Mari Luna's? I haven't seen it. And what is yummy there? Thanks jes

      1. It is on Reisterstown Rd near the intersection of Seven Mile. I have never had anything there that I didn't like.


        1. Both resturants, Mari Luna and david Chu's, are good. but David Chu's is closed friday and most of sat I believe, because of the Kosher guidelines.

          1. I agree Mari Luna is my favorite place in that area. Nice folks and excellent food. it is across from hollywood video.

            1. Another place to go is BackFin, 1116 Reisterstown Road (just North of the Pikes on the opposite side of the street.) Known for seafood, excellent soups, also great burgers, clubs and salads. As a side, avoid the baked potato (microwaved), but get homemade mashed potatoes.

              1. There are lots of good places in that area. For great Chinese, try Jumbo Seafood. Its right off Reisterstown Rd on Sudbrook Ln. Yum!

                1. JUmbo seafood is really good....Mari Luna is NOT your typical tacos and burritos Mexican resataurants,,,,it is excellent......the specials are great!!

                  1. David Chu's is excellent, both by kosher and non-kosher standards. They recently are under new management, and aren't as good as they used to be, but they are still really good.