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Park City UT recommendations?

Going to spend a week in Park City ... plenty of time to try several places ... but don't wanna waste my time eating junk. I'm not packin' the Tux ... just ski clothes. What's good to eat in Park City? (I'll eat anything that can't move fast enough to get away from me.)

Thanks for your suggestions & warnings,

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  1. Park City is nice in that you can wear just about anything and eat anywhere.

    For cheap/quick eats ...
    In Kimball Junction (just off I-80) there's Reef's Kitchen—Israeli-Middle Eastern food that's quiet tasty.

    On Iron Horse Drive there's Windy Ridge Cafe. stick to lunch. I find dinner to be overrated. sandwiches are good.

    Wasatch Brew Pub has great local craft-brewed beer and pub food. I'm a fan of their burger with the Polygamy Porter.

    The Sidecar Bar (in the Main Street Mall) has a good bar scene, but go for the pizza. The sauce is amazing and the manager spent alot of time perfecting the crust (NYC style, the guy's from Jersey). good with or without booze. I highly suggest this place for a wind down type of evening. The pizza is addictive stuff.

    For splurges ...
    Jean Louis is a new place on Heber Ave that has a varied menu. Not outstanding, but better than alot of other places in town.

    Shabu is fun for sushi and other "fusion" type things. It actually works here.

    350 Main is known for their lighter/healthier options. Great seafood there.

    Chez Betty (not on Main street) is quite tasty, but the atomosphere is a little staid.

    Deer Valley Resorts are great. Mariposa is pretty reliable. Their dessert menu is beautiful.

    that's all that comes to mind now.

    1. Let me throw in a few suggestions to the good ones already offered:


      An Asian-themed restaurant on Main Street. Pricey, but tasty, interesting interpretations of various Asian specialties. Great cocktails. Booths offer a semi-secluded dining environment.

      Easy Street Brasserie

      French bistro fare in a beautiful space at the base of Main Street. Wonderful rotisserie chicken and other bistro classics. Fun patio bar downstairs if the weather is good.

      Cafe Trang

      Solid Vietnamese and Chinese food at reasonable prices. Expansive menu. Good pho and other soups. Generous portions.

      Red Rock Brewery

      Located in Kimball Junction near the I-80 onramp, it produces noteworthy beers and handcrafted sodas. Good pub menu with some excellent wood-fired fare. Reasonable prices.

      Keep in mind that Park City dining is, on balance, outrageously priced ($35-50pp, alcohol excluded) with many pretentious, undistinguished restaurants. The farther one gets from Main Street, the more moderate the prices become. The Deer Valley restaurants, as noted in a previous post, stand out among the resort eateries, but be prepared to spend generously. There are also some very good restaurants in nearby Heber (Snake Creek Grill), Midway (Blue Boar Restaurant, Inn on the Creek), and Kamas (Gateway Grille) if you have access to a car.

      1. Two more to add on Main Street - Cafe Terigo and Purple Sage. Can't take a trip to Park City without eating there. And I second the Wasatch Brew Pub. They drink their share and sell the rest!!!

        1. Easy Street is closed indefinitely while they're building the new Skyy Hotel. Shame.

          1. I second the Purple Sage recommendation. Their butternut squash ravioli is incredible.

            Here is a tip for saving a couple of bucks while dining in Park City: There is a local paper called The Park Record that always has coupons to many of the city's best restaurants. It is usually a 2 for 1 entree coupon which, at certain places, can save you 20-30 bucks. It is well worth tracking down a paper, either from your hotel or from a streetside vendor. Everytime I have gone I found a coupon for Purpole Sage and I frequently see coupons for places like Cafe Terigo, Wahso, 350 Main, Chez Betty, etc. Good luck and enjoy.

            1. Folks ... you have NO idea how much I appreciate these suggestions! (don't mind the suggestion re: the coupons in the paper either :-)

              I've heard of Polygamy Porter ... and I do love a good designer beer.

              Nice to know I don't have to depend on McDonald's!

              Thanks all

              1. Most of the places mentioned are the ones I go to all the time. Funny, though, I've never been to Purple Sage, and I've never heard any locals talk about it.
                I'll recommend my local sushi bar, Sushi Maru. It's in the strip mall that Alberson's anchors. Mikey doesn't really advertise - we just keep following him where is lands. This is his owner-operated place. It's truly a local's joint, so go as casual as you want.
                If you want quick food, go to Spencer's BBQ. It's on Bonanza Dr., in the Park Plaza strip mall. Decent BBQ chicken. My husband likes the brisket.
                Also, for Mexican, go to El Chubasco. It's in the same strip mall as Spencer's. It's our good little local Mexican joint. All the Latino workers in town go there for their food.
                If you go out to the Junction, hit up Loco Lizard. It's Mexican, but the chef there does some not-so-usual American Mexican entrees. 2 kinds of mole, good fish dishes, good chips with 2 kinds of salsa.
                If you want breakfast, definitely go to the Eating Establishment. I eat there probably 3 weekends a month.
                Oh, a new Squatter's Roadhouse just opened up at the intersection of hwy 224 and Kearns Blvd in town. It's run the the Squatter's Brewery people. It is supposed to have the same menu as Squatter's down in Salt Lake.
                Between those places, that usually takes care of my weekly dining out in town.

                1. Chimayo is my favorite in town. Also, the Thai place on Main is a bit of a "sleeper," but is really, really good.

                  1. Ooh! I'm getting hungry already. Thanks for the excellent suggestions. Don't know what sort of wheels we'll have ... probably have to use a taxi to get out of walking range of the condo's we are staying in ... but I'll be glad to do that if the local stuff is fast food chain junk.
                    Thanks all,

                    1. Ed,

                      Taxis are just fine in PC. Just call them up. We also have a pretty decent bus system in town, with an extension out from town to Kimball Junction.
                      PC really isn't a chain town. Yes, we have some (Burger King, Einstein's Bagels, Starbucks in town and Ruby Tuesday's, McDs, Wendy's, Arby's and Taco Bell out at the Junction), but we are overwhelmingly local restaurants. Not all are geared for the tourist - after all, some of us DO live here and we do like to go out to eat. Maybe I've been numbed to prices, but I don't find them any more than places I go to when I'm in Scottsdale or Los Angeles.
                      If you are going to be there during ski season, I do recommend saving up your money and splurging it at one of two Deer Valley resort restaurants. The Mariposa is consistently rated as the top ski area restaurant and one of the top restaurants in Utah. They have 2 tasting menus, one of them being vegetarian, in addition to regular menu offerings. Excellent food. Then, there is the Seafood Buffet. The husband and I go there once a year. It is a very good spread of food, of a fine restaurant quality. To me, it is always worth the money. I have to give one conflict of interest here - a friend of mine is one of the pastry chefs at Deer Valley. She does the desserts for Snow Park Lodge, where the Buffet is. I always leave room for several of her offerings :-)
                      Another place you might want to consider if you want a high quality dinner is the Glitretind at Stein Erikson Lodge. Chef Zane always has a good seasonal menu. Pastry Chef Raymond does some amazing desserts. Cara the Sommelier is extremely knowegeable and will make wine suggestions that offer a range of very reasonable wines. It is the first restaurant we think of when we want to do a special dinner. They also have a great Sunday Brunch, if you want to take a day off from skiing and just vegetate.
                      One thing about Wahso - they have some truly tasty "saketinis". Since it is sake and not hard alcohol, it is not subject to the 1 ounce pour restriction. They will make you forget about that restriction :-) And, remember, with the altitude of Park City, all of that good 3.2 microbrew beer will hit you just as hard as the "normal" beer at sea level!!!

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                        Thanks a lot for your detailed response. I appreciate all of your effort & look forward to trying some of 'em. Nice to hear that taxis & buses are readily available. Seems I have lift tickets for all 3 major valleys. Should keep me busy. If I'm true to form, I'll have some coffee, & get on the first lift ... and on the last lift of the day ... and beat up the slopes all the while in between. But afterwards, I'll be in the mood for some good food. I'd forgotten Stein had retired there. I think he made the rep of that area, didn't he. (waaaay back in the dark ages of skiing ... with cable bindings :-) Also ... appreciate your recommendations for a couple nice places to eat. I'm travelling w/ a group but from what I've seen of 'em, we don't have much in common, so I'll probably be heading off on my own for meals. Gotta find a different ski club!
                        Thanks again.

                        1. re: EdLagniappe

                          If you want to patronize local coffeehouses, try Wasatch Bagel (in the Park City market mall, where, incidentally, the new State Liquor store is ready to open): they do their own beans - that part of the business is called "Park City Roasters".
                          I'll also recommend Sushi Maru (in the Albertson's strip mall, back by The Sports Authority store). Mikey has such a local following that he doesn't have to advertise.
                          As for Stein Eriksen, he still lives here. He's out skiing at Deer Valley just about every day. He's in his 70s, but he still skiis down those runs like a young man. He is so elegant when he skis, he flows down the run.

                      2. Go to brunch at the Stein Eriksen on a Sunday. Have a dinner at Grappa.

                        1. Has anyone eaten at The Mustang? I'm in th process of making my dining reservations for Sundance again this year and was wondering how the vibe compares to Riverhorse.

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                            The Mustang is awesome. We ate there this past April. Can't help you with the vibe since I've never dined at Riverhorse although the chef that was there when it got all it's raves is now at Mustang. Enjoy!

                          2. Lunch at Deer Valley is unlike lunch at any other ski area I've ever been to. I remember an outstanding seafood saffron stew that was some of the tastiest stew I've ever had, and was miles away from the production-line pizza and tepid chili that so many ski areas offer. Enjoy.

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                              I'll run up to DV sometimes just to get my lunch! The chili is legendary. They have a fantastic salad bar, too. They have a multi-foodstation setup with enough offerings to satisfy any food craving. On bad weather days, I'll eat down at the Snow Park lodge and make sure I have room for some of my friend's dessert (my disclaimer - a friend of mine is the pastry chef for Snow Park Lodge). If it's a nice sunny day, especially in March, I'll take the town bus up to Silver Lake Village and eat there. There's nothing like eating your food outside in the sunshine on McHenry's Beach!!!

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                                The carrot cake at Deer Valley is legendary. Be sure to save room for it.

                            2. Aah! Sushi - I think it's at Quarry Village. It's a must try! It's attached to the new O'Shucks Bar & Grill (downstairs).

                              1. Thanks DrSkimeister! That'll make my friend happy!
                                Another of my favorites at DV is the slow-cooked irish oatmeal they put out on the Natural Buffet for breakfast. Yum! I'll easily go there and pay for it than have to make it myself.

                                1. We loved Easy Street and Chimayo the last time we were in town. What else is along those lines? I noticed that Wahso is the same owner.

                                  Is there anything like Easy Street? We became "lifetime members" of the bar the last time we were there and wound up there 2 times during a 1 week vacation. We'll be back in February.

                                  One of the other things we liked was fireside dining at Deer Valley - we had a fun time there. We did NOT like Mariposa at all; the food was not great and our service was pretty shoddy.

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                                    Sorry, but Easy Street is closed for probably 2 years while the new condo complex is being built behind it. The developers took over the ES building and turned it into their sales center. I, too, liked Easy Street. Good French Bistro food at very reasonable prices. Friendly bar. I honestly can't think of another restaurant in town like it. I have only been to 412 Bistro once, so I can't say if the restaurant offers similar ambiance. It's also French Bistro food. The prices are a bit more than ES.
                                    The Empire Lodge fireside dining is still offered. It's now offered Wed, Thu, Fri nights.
                                    Yes, Wahso is owned by the same group as Chimayo, Grappa, and Ghidiotti's.

                                  2. Over the years we've enjoyed meals at Blind Dog--both the restaurant and the sushi sides. Had a nice meal at Shabu, Chimayo, Zoom (only OK, but easy with kids) last year.