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Oct 18, 2006 05:24 AM

Park City UT recommendations?

Going to spend a week in Park City ... plenty of time to try several places ... but don't wanna waste my time eating junk. I'm not packin' the Tux ... just ski clothes. What's good to eat in Park City? (I'll eat anything that can't move fast enough to get away from me.)

Thanks for your suggestions & warnings,

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  1. Park City is nice in that you can wear just about anything and eat anywhere.

    For cheap/quick eats ...
    In Kimball Junction (just off I-80) there's Reef's Kitchen—Israeli-Middle Eastern food that's quiet tasty.

    On Iron Horse Drive there's Windy Ridge Cafe. stick to lunch. I find dinner to be overrated. sandwiches are good.

    Wasatch Brew Pub has great local craft-brewed beer and pub food. I'm a fan of their burger with the Polygamy Porter.

    The Sidecar Bar (in the Main Street Mall) has a good bar scene, but go for the pizza. The sauce is amazing and the manager spent alot of time perfecting the crust (NYC style, the guy's from Jersey). good with or without booze. I highly suggest this place for a wind down type of evening. The pizza is addictive stuff.

    For splurges ...
    Jean Louis is a new place on Heber Ave that has a varied menu. Not outstanding, but better than alot of other places in town.

    Shabu is fun for sushi and other "fusion" type things. It actually works here.

    350 Main is known for their lighter/healthier options. Great seafood there.

    Chez Betty (not on Main street) is quite tasty, but the atomosphere is a little staid.

    Deer Valley Resorts are great. Mariposa is pretty reliable. Their dessert menu is beautiful.

    that's all that comes to mind now.

    1. Let me throw in a few suggestions to the good ones already offered:


      An Asian-themed restaurant on Main Street. Pricey, but tasty, interesting interpretations of various Asian specialties. Great cocktails. Booths offer a semi-secluded dining environment.

      Easy Street Brasserie

      French bistro fare in a beautiful space at the base of Main Street. Wonderful rotisserie chicken and other bistro classics. Fun patio bar downstairs if the weather is good.

      Cafe Trang

      Solid Vietnamese and Chinese food at reasonable prices. Expansive menu. Good pho and other soups. Generous portions.

      Red Rock Brewery

      Located in Kimball Junction near the I-80 onramp, it produces noteworthy beers and handcrafted sodas. Good pub menu with some excellent wood-fired fare. Reasonable prices.

      Keep in mind that Park City dining is, on balance, outrageously priced ($35-50pp, alcohol excluded) with many pretentious, undistinguished restaurants. The farther one gets from Main Street, the more moderate the prices become. The Deer Valley restaurants, as noted in a previous post, stand out among the resort eateries, but be prepared to spend generously. There are also some very good restaurants in nearby Heber (Snake Creek Grill), Midway (Blue Boar Restaurant, Inn on the Creek), and Kamas (Gateway Grille) if you have access to a car.

      1. Two more to add on Main Street - Cafe Terigo and Purple Sage. Can't take a trip to Park City without eating there. And I second the Wasatch Brew Pub. They drink their share and sell the rest!!!

        1. Easy Street is closed indefinitely while they're building the new Skyy Hotel. Shame.

          1. I second the Purple Sage recommendation. Their butternut squash ravioli is incredible.

            Here is a tip for saving a couple of bucks while dining in Park City: There is a local paper called The Park Record that always has coupons to many of the city's best restaurants. It is usually a 2 for 1 entree coupon which, at certain places, can save you 20-30 bucks. It is well worth tracking down a paper, either from your hotel or from a streetside vendor. Everytime I have gone I found a coupon for Purpole Sage and I frequently see coupons for places like Cafe Terigo, Wahso, 350 Main, Chez Betty, etc. Good luck and enjoy.