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Oct 18, 2006 05:20 AM

Scott's Seafood in OC

Worth it? Anything recommended?

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  1. Haven't ate there in a long time though I do remember them having an outstanding calamari app. I do know there steaks are prime and they get a very busy theater crowd.

    1. Food is generally good, though the service can be very slow. I usually get whatever fish is the special. Never been dissapointed but never been wowed. The calamari is not your typcal crunchy fried variety, but it is pan fried with a syrupy hot sauce. Overall, I think it is a little too expensive for what it is. I would skip it and go to Blue Coral in fashion island.

      1. Pass on the appetizers - never had a good one there - the cold seafood platter all tastes the same... However, the entrees are pretty good.

        1. The lobster bisque is very very good. We usually just have a drink & bisque if we are in a hurry. The calamari is good as well, as Mealcentric posted it is with a garlicy sauce. And a big portion for the $, unlike the crab cakes -good but a miserly portion.
          Other than that, the fish specials are all quite nice. If you are on a time crunch (ie going to something in the OCPAC, let them know ahead of time and they can be very quick)
          And order either a dirty tanqueray 10 martini, or a Manhattan, you will not be disappointed in the beverages. Wine prices of course are at a normal markup, look for the lesser known/less "statusy" wines.