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Jan 5, 2005 12:24 PM

incanto for the solo diner

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Was thinking of going to Incanto alone tonight. do you think it's a comfortable place for a solo diner?

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  1. If you want company, I'd be up for trying it. Have been wanting to go for a long time.

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      I also really want to try it, since I'm new to SF and it's very close to home (and of course have heard it's wonderful). Email if you like.

      1. re: smiles
        clean plate club

        thanks for the offers but an old friend called and she'll be joining me.

      2. I think you might really enjoy dinner in the small wine bar area. I would certainly eat there alone.

        1. When I went there a few months ago, I noticed a solo diner at the smallish (maybe 5 seats?) bar. He seemed well taken care of, and I myself have considered a solo meal there several times, just haven't gotten around to it.

          I'm sure you could dine solo at a table as well, btw. I just didn't notice anyone solo at a table that night.

          1. i think incanto is one of the more ideal places for solo dining. between the bar, the excellent service, and the neighborhood feel of the place in general, you can't go wrong. and we're not even touching on the amazing food and wine yet.... enjoy!

            1. It's funny, I had dinner there for the first time last week. The plan was just to have a flight of wine and an appetizer or two but everything was so delicious we wound up with entrees and dessert as well. I will post soon, I promise.

              The funny, sorry for the tangent, was that my first thought when we ordered main dishes to our little table in the bar was that I HAD to post it as one of the best lone dining places in the city. You have your choice in the bar area of the bar top itself or there are three pub height tables with very comfortable stools.