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Oct 18, 2006 04:58 AM

Long Beach eats

I'll be at the Convention center today, tomorrow and thursday for the Realtors expo.

Anyways, what's good to eat in the area? anywhere in Long Beach is ok, does not necessarily have to be walking distance.

So far i've had Angelo's italian deli for the subs, which is pretty good, sort of like the bay cities of long beach but more authentic and tinier, looks like a nook that would fit right in somewhere in Greenwich Village.

Is Open Sesame worthwhile? What about 555 East (steakhouse?), and are they open for lunch too? is Springbrook bar and grill any good?

Anything worthwhile in the Belmont Shore/2nd St/Naples area?

Oh, and lastly has anyone tried a joint called Fringale ( or new name Bacchus) in Naples on 2nd were they serve only traditional prixe-fixe French country meals? any good?

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  1. 555 is a great steakhouse but can get pricey - everything is a la carte. In the shore, there is a great little Italian restaurant on LaVerne just off 2nd Street called Cafe Gazelle. If you like tapas or a wine bar, try Biggs on 2nd Street.

    1. thanks, the deli is directly right across from cafe gazelle, but cafe gazelle looked like it was shuttered or maybe just open in the evenings.

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        I agree with 555 for steak and Gazelle is a great cozy little place for Italian. Especially like their calamari dishes and only open for dinner

      2. it might just be open in the evenings. I've only ever been there for dinner. You can also try The House of Madame Jo Jo or Christy's on Broadway.

          1. personally, i prefer sunnin to open sesame, though both are good. if you're downtown, as opposed to belmont shore, you should also check out george's greek restaurant on pine, roscoe's chicken and waffles, and one of my personal favorite's, uncle al's on first street in the east village

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              George's is now on 2nd street too!! I also really enjoy sunnin and open sesame. Belmont shore It's a great spot for mediterean now... :)


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                We had an absolutely forgettable meal at Uncle Al's. I couldn't recommend it. Open Sesame (north African/Moroccan) or Sunnin (Lebanese/Armenian) are both excellent. Sunnin serves a Lebanese beer which is very light and non-filling. George's, on Pine or on 2nd, is quite good. Christy's is a higher priced, fancier place which is consistently good. If you want a higher-end great meal, try Frenchy's on Anaheim near Redondo.