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Oct 18, 2006 04:49 AM

Any decent chains in Boston?

I love trying at least one low-brow regional fast food chain (like In-N-Out or Wahoos Fish Tacos in Cali) when I travel. I'm heading to Boston/New England area, but can't seem to find any info on good fast food chains there. Any thoughts? thanks!

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  1. The two big local chains that come to mind are Dunkin Donuts and Friendly's - Dunk's has a decent cuppa coffee but little else, they do a very nice job the ice coffee. Friendly's prime was years ago but they can still make a nice ice cream sundae, (get the reeses peanut butter cup, yum).

    Some smaller local chains that are kinda lowbrow are Bickfords, don't go!; Kelly's Roast Beef, I wouldn't make a special trip but if you go by stop in and get a sandwich; Papa Gino's, eh pizza; if you're going down to the Cape the Hearth and Kettle is okay and if you're going to Portsmouth, NH I am 99% sure they still have a Howard Johnson's.

    It kind of depends upon where you exactly it is you're going. In Boston we really don't do local chains much, there are a few places with two or three locations, but they tend not to be low-end.

    1. IF ur a steak lover and wanna try a good chain, try pub 99, or if ur in the mood for good home flavor try piccadilly pub, theres many locations one is in braintree, ma. They have great food, many comfort foods and great prices.

      1. Houston's: not the most ambitious menu in the world, but everything they have is executed well. (i.e., their side vegetables seem to be made a la minute, not steamed and sitting in a vat---one evening the sauteed broccolini with parmesan was so delicious I orderd a second side!). Also, at the bar (or, I suppose, at the table), any cocktail that includes OJ or grapefruit juice gets fresh-squeezed. Order a greyhound (vodka and grapefruit) and a California burger with one of the three veggies of the day (or fries, which I've been trying to avoid), and you can't go wrong.

        I'll have to admit that I like P.F. Chang's. The Kung Pao Shimp is salty, spicy, and good, as are the Northern Spare Ribs ...

        [Oops, just noticed you said "low-brow" fast food. My bad....]

        I do like Kelly's Roast Beef, (buttery garlicky toasted bun, great rare roast beef, and horsradish sauce).

        1. Yeah, stay away from Bickford's....

          1. Actually, Papa Gino's pizza is pretty good if you stick to cheese or pepperoni and the like; don't overload it with crap. It's a lean, East Boston pizza (the family started out in Eastie). The dough is thin, the sauce unsweetened, the balance of cheese and sauce and toppings just right (not overloaded with any). The pepperoni is higher quality than you get at many other places. I used to look down on Papa Gino's, but I don't any more. It's better than the pizza I find in neighborhood joints in the NY area these days. I wouldn't go out of my way to get Papa Gino's, but I wouldn't turn my nose up at it either.