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Oct 18, 2006 04:24 AM

Best Diners in Boston Area?

MY husband and i love old fashoned type diners, you know the ones... Where everyone knows ur name> ,, any way does anyone know of any diners in the boston area to try out?

- Chrissy

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  1. Kelly's Ball Square Somerville Ok food Good atmosphere.

    Town Diner Watertown Good food Ok atmosphere.

    1. I agree about Town Diner. It's not old-fashioned in its structure and interior, but it is a family-owned business with excellent food. It is open seven days a week but for breakfast and lunch only.

      The Andros Diner in Belmont is not in a dining car either, but the waitresses know the regulars and it has a community atmosphere. I once overheard a waitress deliver a glass of water to a gentleman and tell him that the busboy knew it was for him and so remembered lots of ice and extra lemon. The Greek food is excellent but they do run out of the daily specials. You can call ahead, ask for the specials and have them set aside a portion for you.

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        The Deluxe Town Diner *is* a real diner. The New Yorker is still open but not sure about Pat's. There's the Breakfast Club on Western Ave. in Brighton. The Salem Diner is an interesting one, can't remember the make but not one you usually see in Mass. Not sure what's up with the Bel Air on Rt. 1 N, been closed for a while. There are some good ones further north in Newbury and Salisbury and of course out in Worcester. I highly recommend Carl's in Oxford.

        You can find more info at these sites:

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          My apologies for not being clearer. I meant the Talk of the Town diner, not the Deluxe Town Diner. The Talk of the Town diner is not housed in a dining car, but it does have a counter and booths.

      2. Perhaps the only faintly shining star in what is otherwise the culinary wasteland of Southie, Muls diner on Broadway, near the B'way T stop. Old school atmosphere, encompasing but basic diner menu, only breakfast available on the weekends.

        There is also Mikes in the South End and Victoria's near the South Bay Center /Meat packing district in South Boston (I believe the same owner), both adequate at best and News on Kneeleand street gets mention from time to time for late night eats.

        Theo's in the North End (on Salem), might be stretching the Diner deffinition a wee bit, but is pretty decent albeit very tiny.

        Sorry for what could be construed as a negative attitude but growing up in the NJ/ NY metro area where the Diner is king has jaded me.

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          I think Victoria's makes excellent corned beef hash. Definitely not the canned garbage, real chunks of chopped up meat. Also, I find that their breakfast foods aren't overly greasy and don't leave you feeling like you've got a greaselump in your stomach.

        2. Don't forget the Agawam Diner in Rowley. Definitely old-school: yummy food (a slice of pie is a must) and friendly, down-to-earth service.

          1. used to be pats in watertown or belmont and the new yorker in the same area

            not sure ofthe locations or if they still exist