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Oct 18, 2006 03:45 AM

Vietnamese Restaurants in Toronto

I know this is completely off-topic, but....

Olivergail, I am a former Torontonian who has been living in Montreal for about 8 years. I go back to Toronto every couple months (I'm going there this coming weekend). Toronto is where I discovered Pho, and there are some great places there.

Check out Bun Saigon on Dundas St between Queen and Spadina. They are incredible. In particular, check out their Bun Bo Hue and their milkshakes. The Montreal Vietnamese places don't have milkshakes, but the Toronto ones do.

Also Pho Bac, on Bloor around Avenue Rd (across from the Royal Conservatory) on the second floor of a resto building next to McDonalds. That place has good Pho Bac!

Feel free to move this to the Toronto thread if need be... :)

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  1. Thanks, Serpah. I've had some wonderful pho in Toronto. What I miss is the stir-fried dishes that Hoai Huong in Montreal really excels at; the flavours are much more intense than anything I've had in Toronto. Even the broths for the various pho seem to be on a different level.

    I wonder if people from different regions of Vietnam settled in different Canadian cities at different times. This could account for the differences in Vietnamese restaurants here and in Montreal. Likewise, I believe that people who immigrated to Canada from China over the past number of decades are represented by region depending to a great extent upon which Canadian city you look at. In this vein, I think more people from Sichuan province settled in Montreal than in Toronto; hence the greater number of Szechuan restaurants in Montreal than in Toronto. But I'm digressing...

    1. Hanoi Three Seasons on Gerrard at Broadview (Chinatown East) has excellent Northern Vietnamese fare. Dishes are often seasoned with dill and tamarind. See

      1. Thank you so much, Malcolm. Sounds amazing - I'll be sure to try it out soon.