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Oct 18, 2006 03:21 AM

good seafood near medford

visting Tufts this weekend and looking for good seafood in the Melrose/Malden/Medford area. Any recommendations for Turners in Melrose? Any other ideas? we will be a large group 8 diners but no children. Not too pricey please! Thanks

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  1. Try Out of the Blue, Davis Square, Somerville

    1. Moultons Seafood on Winthrop St, Medford has the absolute best seafood anywhere. Better than all the other local places for fresh seafood. Call for reservations 781-396-6466. My family goes there at least once a week. Huge portion sizes and the freshest fish around.

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        I drive by Moulton's all the time and have always wondered how it is. It's mostly takeout, I assume? Looks pretty tiny!

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          They have 3 of the 4 stores- they do as much sit in dinners as take outs.

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          i went to this place a while back due to your suggestions, and thought the clams were right good. a great little neighborhood spot.

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            I tried it on your rec too MeffaBabe -- thought the clams were great. I took out but made a mental note about the seating... I always forget that place, it's a great spot.

          2. We're big fans of Turners. If you had a smaller crowd, I would have suggested the oyster bar. I think Turners is an excellent choice.


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              We're Turner's Fans, too. We both looooove the lobster bisque. My boyfriend likes to order the extra oz. (or 2) of lobster meat and make lobster cereal :)

            2. Turner's, too. The Portugese Fish Stew is a big hit with us. We typically sit at the oyster bar. I would recommend making reservations for a large party. Try the chocolate moulten cake while you are there.

              We were at Vinny's (borders Somerville and Medford) last week and had the broiled haddock in a tomato sauce. Delcious!!!!! Vinny's offers a variety of seafood dishes.

              1. I am also a fan of Moulton's, but wanted to offer you a couple of other alternatives.

                Oasis Restaurant on Main Street walking distance from Tufts offers a Brazilian moqueca which is excellent. That is about the limit of their seafood offerings, but its worth the trip. Its a fish and shrimp stew with cilantro, green onions, served with a porridge made with the broth, and rice.

                The "Vinny's" mentioned above is Lil Vinny's on Medford St. For Italian seafood, I would probably steer you to Bocelli's across the street from Oasis. An even better dining experience could be had at Abbondanza in Everett (near malden) which doesn't specialize in seafood, but has excellent seafood dishes non the less. Also close to Melrose is Porto Bello's in Wakefield which offers both Italian and Portuguese offerings.

                Lastly there are a number of fans of Catch in Winchester on this board. It sounds like a bit more of an upscale experience, but I think Turner's prices are not that far off and its not too far afield from your suggested cities.