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Oct 18, 2006 03:11 AM

what to bring to night class for break food?

At my night class we take turns bringing food at breaktime. On my first night the teacher brought Subway sandwiches. Whatever it is, I can't warm it up. Thanks for your suggestions

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  1. Any dessert -- brownies, a large tart and a knife to cut it with, rice crispie treats all go over well.

    1. What kind of class is it? Can you make something to fit your theme (historical, country)?

      Brings back memories of celery sticks and cheez-whiz from pre-school snack time. :)

      1. Funny - I bring snacks for myself to class each lecture. Love a trail mix thing. Usually just raw almonds and raisins but, you can add anything, tart cherries, mini chocolate chips, peanut butter pretzels, etc. Tonight, I had soda crackers with a bit 'o butter ( and, hot tea) but, you could spread an herbed cream cheese on fancier crackers or (to avoid sogginess) sliced cheeses -I love smoked provolone and sharp cheddar. Sometimes just crunchy veges are nice -they break the monotony of a lecture and they're healthy and light eating - carrots, celery, yellow pepper, cucumbers...(add the herbed cheese....:)KQ

        1. Whatever you bring, make sure it doesn't leave powder or grease on people's fingers. Unless, of course, you're also bringing wet naps.

          On that note - and keeping in mind that something too heavy might put people to sleep - maybe edamame and/or seasoned rice crackers? Or if you have access to a fridge/cooler, some vegetarian sushi.

          1. Hummus(very cheap if you make it at home), wontons, mini cupcakes (or regular ones)

            Rice balls - just rice, with stuffing in the center. I usually do canned salmon, scallions, ginger and soy sauce.

            Lavosh rolls - I like hummus and provolone.