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Oct 18, 2006 02:17 AM

One Lunch in LA

We are attending a wedding in Hollywood this Saturday night and are flying into LAX from the Bay Area that morning. Where would you recommend for a nice casual lunch? I'd like to try a taco in SoCal to compare it with our SF/Oakland taquerias. But if my gf isn't up to that, she "doesn't want to go to East LA", what else could we try? I know LA has very good pricey sushi, but what about a more casual sushi place? How about a good sandwich shop?

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  1. Taqueria Sanchez on Centinela is on your way, it's a few minutes off of the 405, about 1.5 miles from the beach, not East L.A at all. 4541 S Centinela Ave. Search the boards for recs. For sandwiches, Bread Bar on 3rd, near Robertson just over the border from Beverly Hills is good, and also on your way.

    1. Why not try Phillipe's for french dipped sandwiches or Langer's for pastrami. I haven't found a good version for either in SF. It's not the prettiest neighborhood though.

      So casual but excellent sushi, try Kiriko.

      If you like korean soon doobu, try Beverly Soon Tofu with a side of Kalbe.

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        I remember seeing Phillipe's on the Food Network. Which is the best; beef, lamb, or pork? How's the chili?

        1. re: DezzerSF

          I got the beef and pork and liked the pork better. LA experts say the lamb is the best. Didn't try the chili. Get all 3 is what I say.

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            I'm having a hard time deciding between a french dip or a pastrami sandwich. Maybe I'll get both!

            1. re: DezzerSF

              "Both" is always my favorite thing to order at a new restaurant/locale. Langers for pastrami and Phillipe's for french dip. You can't go wrong and you can't get them up here in SF.

      2. For sandwiches, go to Joan's on Third. Great sandwiches (esp. the chicken salad and prosciutto w/mozz), good gourmet deli food (including arguably the best mac n cheese in town) and deserts. And always is a trip to LA after all!

        1. For Mexican in Santa Monica, Serenata de Garibaldi.

          Bay Cities Deli in SM for sandwiches too.

          1. Run, don't walk to Tere's on the southeast corner of Melrose and Cahuenga. IMO, it has little atmosphere but some of the best mexican food LA has to offer.
            The tacos are good but you'll find some of the other dishes equal if not surpass the tacos. My faves are enchiladas fish, enchiladas michocanas, sopa fideo (veggie soup served with a wedge of lime, farmer's cheese and 2 homemade corn tortillas) and the mechudas (shredded beef wrapped in an egg batter, topped with red sauce).
            As an added bonus, they have house-made horchata and a good selection of mexican sodas, including coca-cola from mexico.

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            1. re: bodie

              Thanks for the recs, it's gonna be hard to choose!