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Oct 18, 2006 01:59 AM

Rehearsal Dinner

We are hosting a rehearsal dinner. Our future daughter-in-law lives in the west village....any suggestions?Would prefer to have a private room.

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  1. It's not in the village, but we had our rehearsal dinner way downtown, south of Ground Zero, at Caracello. Good, mostly red sauce, Italian and you can have the whole place on most nights. It's on Greenwich St., north of Rector.

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    1. re: Captain

      Did you have a separate room - if not..was it quite enough to hear the toasts?!

      1. re: mtweets

        We had the entire restaurant to ourselves, and even if you did not, it would almost always be that quiet for dinner.

    2. How many people will you have at the rehersal dinner? Do you have a type of food or price per person in mind? I also live in the west village, and we are in the middle of researching restaurants to have our wedding reception party at... so I should be able to think of a few suggestions... I'll think of some in the morning.

      Also, do a search here of what you're looking for.