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Oct 18, 2006 01:54 AM

Indian in Bucks/Mont. Counties?

I live in Buckingham and work in Horsham. Anything decent out there? I've recently been turned on to indian, and am looking for a good fix.

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  1. I was always partial to Sultan on Welsh Road in North Wales.
    Flavorful dishes, with different levels of hotness. I've never had a bad meal there.

    1. Greater India is in the shopping center next to Sultan's shopping center, and is a visual kick. The decor includes fake flowers entwined over a white wood archway in the front, a fireplace, tiny tasselled lamps on the tables, and candlesticks. The owner had on a Victorian-inspired silky blouse with a see-through area at the neck, and grandly waved one of the waiters away with a flourish when he was too quick to bring out dessert.

      As for the food, well, it wasn't bad (we ordered lamb curry and malai kofta) but it was a little boring. Not spicy enough to be interesting, not subtle enough to be refined. I found myself thinking that I could make better at home. I can't speak to the food at Sultan currently, as I haven't been there in years. But Sultan has a special place in my heart as the first place I had saag paneer, back when it was located at five points.

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        There's a place in Lahaska in Peddlar's Village, sort of behind Earl's. I don't remember the name, but it's cute and fairly good. Not cheap, but worth going to if you need a fix and are in that area.

      2. About 10 minutes south of North Wales is The Palace of Asia, in Ft Washington.A too-large room which is part of a motel makes for an odd venue, but the food is good and varied. The highlights for me are the ten or so Indian breads and the accompanying dipping sauces. You must specify the onion condiment, and I suggest the raita (sp?)to complement the hot and delicious coriander. Lamb and shrimp dishes are good, tandoori chicken is as dry as Steven Wright's wit.

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          The Palace of Asia also has a great fried cheese appetizer.

          1. re: GBrickson

            I recently took a vegetarian friend to Palace of Asia for the lunch buffet. I hadn't been in quite a while, and was pleasantly surprised. Especially with the vegetarian dishes. I'm a meat eater, but actually prefered the non meat dishes, of which there was a nice assortment. Nothing set me on fire, but it was pleasant.

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