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Oct 18, 2006 01:52 AM

Best CANADIAN chain finds?>

Unfortunetly, we are deprived of the TGIFridays, and the Applebees etc... any one have any good suggestions/picks for Cdn chains?

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  1. I like Lonestar. Not great but far from bad.

    Mostly the answer is no.


    1. I like Lonestar as well for fajitas, and Dunn's is pretty good for smoked meat. I've heard that Milestone's is decent, but I've never eaten there.

      If you open the question up to local chains, then there's probably more possibilities. Here in Ottawa I like Bridgehead coffee shops, for example.

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        Or Chicken Delight, which is (randomly) in Manitoba and New Jersey.

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          I really like Milestones. We ended up there last Valentines Day and I was very pleasantly surprise. Perhaps because I wasn't expecting much.


          1. re: Davwud

            yah when I went I had a nice prime rib dinner. Not the best prime rib, but pretty good and they had a nice bread pudding to go with it. What was realllly good there was the salsa trio with handmade chips. You get three delicious salsas, one avocado, one corn and one tomato. I wanted to eat it forever

            1. re: hungryabbey

              They have an appetizer platter that puts those salsas with a roasted head of garlic and some goat cheese that I really like. I also really like their corn and potato chowder.

              Hands down, though, my favourite thing at Milestones is the french toast with spicy pecans and ham and cream cheese and various other good things that's on their brunch menu.

              On the other hand, they tend to hire perky 19 year olds to wait tables, so the service seems to suck at most locations, especially at dinner.

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                I like that french toast too. Also their Joe's special-type egg fry-up with spinach is decent.

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            I like Milestone's for brunch, they have some somewhat interesting items. But they bug me in that they are supposed to specialize in all these fruity drink concoctions, but they apparently don't train the bartenders to make them properly - they are very hit and miss taste-wise, or just plain wrong, or put in the wrong kind of glass.

            1. re: julesrules

              After reading all these positive thoughts on Milestone's, I reluctantly yet hopefully returned there on yet another date (are all single GTA men trained to take women to Milestone's?) to discover the frozen bellini is indeed served in a martini glass, surrounded by non-frozen pink liquid, and topped with a tiny plastic donkey; and the wild salmon - promised to be medium-rare - is so well-done it's dried out making it very difficult to consume along with the accompanying sticky mound of "fragrant jasmine rice" and pot of garlic spread (a.k.a. aioli with preserved lemon). Eeek. It was very difficult to stick to my first-date rule of not sending food back or complaining to the server for any reason but I managed to hold my tongue, silently vowing to vent on CH.

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                Yeah... last time I went they had removed the best item from the brunch menu (apple french toast with spicy glazed pecans & ham). And the item I ordered, a prime rib hash, was "seasoned' with large amounts of ketchup. I'd still rather eat there than Golden Griddle, but that's not saying much!

            1. We've had Applebee's in Winnipeg for years. I haven't been back since I was confronted with the process cheese quesadilla on my first visit.

              Earls has some good food, if you can look past the bar-crowd clientele.

              Local chains - George's Burgers and Subs are everywhere in Winnipeg and they make the best Fatboy ever.

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                theres applebees all over manitoba, not sure about the rest of canada, but i think i've seen them in sakatchewan too.

              2. Oh, and while the majority of Chowhounddom disagrees with me, I love me some Chez Cora.

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                  I was just going to say Cora.

                  I also like Bridgehead, Pizza Pizza, The Works and Greek on Wheels.

                  1. re: piccola

                    One thing I will NEVER understand is the popularity of pizza pizza in this city (Toronto). Their tomato sauce is the worst thing under the sun. Totally overshadows the rest of the pie. No wonder they came out with the dipping sauce - it's the only way to finish a slice.

                    1. re: spades

                      Maybe the quality varies by franchise - the one in my neighbourhood in Ottawa is pretty good. I like that they do whole wheat crust and have grilled veggie toppings.

                      That said, it is takeout pizza, and it's only good when you crave a slice - not when you want a thin-crust, respect-yoursef-in-the-morning pizza.

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                        I totally agree here. I think Pizza Pizza is teh worst of the pizza chains, and yes i too believe its the sauce. Its too sweet or something? and the cheese seems rubbery.