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Movies that revolve around food?

I am trying to think of movies that use food as their central theme, but am having a really hard time (besides Like Water for Chocolate). I dont know why but I am drawing a blank. Any recommendations?

(Is this the right board for this topic?)

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  1. Eat Drink Man Woman and Fried Green Tomatoes come to mind.

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        "Not about food"? Are you kidding? Tampopo is not only the best food film ever, it's almost a documentary on the art of making, serving, and eating ramen.

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          I think he meant about what board this topic should be on...

      2. "Big Night" Do NOT see it on an empty stomach. Mmmm.

        1. Babette's Feast
          What's Cooking?
          Tortilla Soup
          Woman on Top

          Okay, I'm food obsessed - even in my netflix list.

          1. Also:

            Mostly Martha
            Au petit Marguery

            1. Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? (stupid but hilarious)

              1. there's a good thread on food and movies on Food Media board . . .

                  1. It seems to be a big thing in Asian cinema, particularly for comedies. In addition to those mentioned,

                    Rice Rhapsody (Co-starring Martin Yan!)
                    Chicken and Duck Talk
                    The Chinese Feast
                    Stephen Chow's "God of Cookery"
                    Stephen Chow's "God of Cookery II"
                    Shogun & Little Kitchen

                    "Aji" was a dramatic film about a Japanese woman who learned classical Shandong cuisine growing up in Shandong before WWII then returned to help revive it after it was wiped out by the Cultural Revolution.

                    Then there's the great horror film "Dumplings: Three...Extremes" by (who else) Fruit Chan.

                    The tear-jerker "Life Show" didn't really center on food, but the images of the heroine and her duck neck stall in a Wuhan night market launched a fad for braised duck necks and a couple of fast food chains in China.

                    I recently watched "Green Tea" which didn't really center on food OR tea, but revolved around a fetching central image of Zhou Wei drinking green tea and swirling the leaves around in her tumbler.

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                      God of Cookery II? Is there such a thing? Maybe you're thinking of "God of Gamblers II," which he was also in, or "The King of Comedy."

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                        You may be right. I was thinking of something called the "New" God of Cookery whish was released earlier this year. (Or maybe the planned Jim Carrey remake).


                    2. How about eating Raul ??!!! Remember this. The movie version is Soylent Green. OK. So not really but, diners at the cafe thought so! :) KQ

                      1. Watch La Grande Bouffe (sp?) -- Instead of utensils they use a plunger.

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                            LOL, chowhound poster Bunrab probably loved that movie!


                            [Edited to add] Oops, I was thinking of "The Phantom of Liberty".....

                          2. Sorry, the just come at different times:

                            Dinner at Eight


                            1. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover. (Maybe not)
                              The Meaning of Life (again, maybe not)

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                                Ha! Just saw Meaning of Life the other night - I'd forgotten the details of the Vomiting Gourmand, and of course I was having my supper at the time...

                                I wish to heck someone would put out a DVD of Babette's Feast with a load of outtakes on it! Big Night, too.

                              2. Feast at Midnight - utterly charming and completely off most foodie's radar.

                                  1. Not all of the movie revolves around food but the Korean film "Oldboy" has a raw squid eating scene that's amazing.

                                    There's also a search for dumplings. I highly recommend it, but not w/ the kiddies around.

                                      1. - All Throught the Night (1942) Broadway gambler Gloves Donahue (Humphrey Bogart) wants to find who killed the baker of his favorite cheesecake.
                                        - What's Up Tiger Lily? (1966) Woody Allen's re-dubbed Japanese spy thiller revolves around a secret egg salad recipe.

                                        1. "Tampopo" the Japanese movie about a woman who starts a ramen soup shop. Very funny.

                                          1. chocolat

                                            soul food (kind of)

                                            1. I was first introduced to food in movies through a program called "Sex, Food and Videotape", given by now-retired USC Professor Albert Sonnenfeld. The event was comprised of a lecture accompanied by clips of food scenes from several movies, followed by a meal (varies - brunch, lunch, reception) based on purportedly aphrodisiac foods. A total blast; if you ever hear of this program in your area, I urge you to attend.

                                              There is indeed a movie called "God of Cookery" - it's Chinese and made in 1997. Amazon has it.

                                              Babette's Feast should be mandatory viewing for any food lover, as well as Eat Drink Man Woman. The food prep scenes are worth watching over and over...

                                              Another food related movie is Tortilla Soup, an hispanic version of EDMW - a father chef who loses his sense of taste.

                                              Movies with funny food scenes in them to consider are Tom Jones (Albert Finney), Woody Allen's Bananas and The Sleeper, Diner,...

                                              A link that lists just about every movie with at least one food scene is http://gastronomica.org/foodfilms.html. Some of them are a bit of a stretch, but certainly a very handy list.

                                              1. Good food scenes, but not the whole movie: Tom Jones

                                                1. There are so many great food films, many of which are noted here. To amend the list, I should mention Big Night, which is a great film. Like Water for Chocolate is a good one too.

                                                  The truth is, however, that I'm writing this to bring up WHAT'S UP, TIGER LILY? It's Woody Allen's 1966 film, his feature debut, where he took the Japanese action film "International Secret Police: Key of Keys" (think Japanese James Bond,) and entirely re-dubbed it, changing the plot to make it revolve around a secret egg salad recipe.

                                                  Probably dated, but totally unique, and of course absurd. Check it out.

                                                  1. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

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                                                      LOL at Harold and Kumar. I don't think anyone mentioned No Reservations yet, about two chefs falling in love. I can't make any claims though haven't seen it yet.

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                                                        Loved that movie. I actually had a craving for White Castle's at 2AM after seeing it. I ended up going the day afterwards.

                                                      2. there's a very popular korean mini series about a 16th century woman who was the royal chef & physician...think it's called: dae jang geum...believe it's based on a true story...

                                                            1. also:

                                                              eat drink man woman
                                                              and it's remake: tortilla soup