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Any ideas where to get some good authentic ribollita in the city? I had it for the first time on my last trip to Florence last June, and I've been dreaming about it since. The cool weather's been making me crave it more so!

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  1. whle i usually make it myself (extremely easy!), i've had some good bowls at felida.

    1. Not sure how authentic it is, but I had some at Hearth the other day that was very tasty.

      1. I have a recipie from. From a web site called Anthony's kitchen.

        1. I miss Florentine ribollita too!! I used to eat it (almost daily, really) at Mario's near Mercato Centrale. I tried the Hearth version too and I really didn't think it came close to the Italian original. I've seen it as a special before at Caccio e Pepe that might be worth checking out...

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            Mario's (in firenze) makes one mean ribollita.
            Id recommend finding Giulio Bugialli's recipe from his first cookbook, classic italain, and going down to the Union Square market and buying some tuscan Kale and swiss chard as key ingredients for your own great ribollita. You would need some nice canellini beans and pork products too, as well as some non-sourdough tuscan bread, some peppery new-crop olive oil, which should be coming onto the market shortly, and some good parmesan cheese but its a great fall project.

          2. Osteria Del Circo prepares a variation to the Florentine Ribollita. They pan fry a few seconds like a pancake. This gives it a tasty crust which is eccentuated by special Olive Oil and crushed black pepper.

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              Um...how do you fry soup? I think you have Ribollita confused with something else..or please explain.

              I have come to the conclusion that the only way to even come close to this soup, is to make it yourself. Of course I haven't tried yet, but every time I see it on a menu in NYC I order it, and it always sucks and is nothing like Ribollita I have in Florence.