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Oct 18, 2006 12:51 AM


Help - going to Anapolis in a few weeks- NEED a GOOD restaurant for Sat nite and a casual restaurant for Friday nite.

Someone recommended Pauls on the River- but they are closed BOTH nites for private parties..

SO help all you foodies out there- I haven't been in Anapolis in over 10 years and want a fun GOOD weekend.



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  1. O'Leary's (which was there 10 years ago) for fish and seafood, Lewnes for steaks in Eastport, Les Folies in Parole for French brasserie fare(particularly seafood) are all worthy. For very casual you might try Boatyard Bar and Grill in Eastport, although it's not a restaurant so much as and grill. I like the Irish restaurant that replaced the College Inn on Maryland Ave. - Galway Bay. Also, try the Purple Orchid, in Eastport or Yellowfin on the South River.

    1. The Corinthian in the Loews Hotel had a very, very good(i.e. great) NY Strip and some nice wines. It has been a while though.

      1. We dined at The Sevrin Inn last Nov and had a delicious crab bisque to begin our meal. It has a waterfront view of Anapolis. I think it would be a nice choice for Fri.

        1. I believe the Corinthian is now called Breeze. Also, Aqua Terra and Wild Orchid Cafe are good choices for Sat evening. Metropolitan, Kyma and Tsunami represent the hip side of Annapolis. Ram's Head, 49 West and Lemongrass are casual spots for Friday.

          1. Yellowfins and Severn Inn are both cool buildings on a great spot on the water - and with very mediocre food. Tsunami, Metropolitan, O'leary's, Aqua Terra and Lewnes all have much better food. Carroll's Creek, on the water at Annapolis City Marina also has good food -- and an excellent tableside caesar.