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Oct 18, 2006 12:04 AM

Berkeley - Sketch - super apple spice sorbet & fig cakes

After doing a lot of back to back ice cream tasting, Sketch really does rise to one of the top players in the group. Maybe not everthing there has wowed me over the years, but alot was really good and I really enjoyed what I tried today. It made me a more avid fan again.

The apple sorbet is a standout, tart and smooth with nice spice. The pear ice cream was lovely, maybe comice pears, with delicate pear flavor and a smooth puree texture. It was very nice with the ginger that had nice pieces of fresh ginger. The fresh mint was a little too minty for my taste, I'm guessing spearmint rather the peppermint. I'm not such a spearmint fan fresh or cooked. So if you like that type of mint, you'll like this as it has a deep mint flavor.

This was the first time I tried any of the baked goods and the fig cake was amazing. The fig didn't so much flavor the small cupcake-sized cake as it added richness and moistness. This is super decadant and my fingers were coated in butter eating it. Absolutely light despite the richness, the edges on the top pleasantly crisp giving another dimension to the texture. The cake is dusted with powdered sugar. So good.

No pumpkin till about Halloween.

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  1. I called them yesterday and asked about pumpkin, and they said in a week and a half. I'm looking forward to that.

    1. how long are they going to be serving the fig cake, and is it shaped in the same for as the chocolate pudding cake, that is an individual squarish shape, 3.50 per??? fig cake.

      1. They now have kabocha, which tastes like pumpkin. The individual serving fig cake is shaped like a hockey puck, half again as large and infinitely tastier. I warmed it up briefly in a convection oven when I got home and served it with a dollop of mascarpone--the result was a nice crustiness on the outside with the warm, pudding-like (smooth, not chunky) essence of figginess inside and the mascarpone was a perfect complement.