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Anybody been? My hubby is absolutely dying to try this style of dining - it's all about the meat, right?! I know from their website that the Texas de Brazil is pretty pricey, but I don't want to try a new place based on price and find out it isn't any good. Any comments or suggestions? Thanks!!

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  1. Are you IN Orlando?
    ---cause in Tampa there's a little place on Waters Avenue that does the same routine and the flavor of the meat is magnificent... Brasa Grille... $20.00 and they keep comin' at you with skewers till you pass out or throw up--- and then they just come a little less frequent...
    Pretty darn good & interesting Brazilian buffet too, that they keep up all day...

    You can do the $20.00 'Rodizio' (meat thing), the menu, or the $8.00 buffet...
    You can tell it's a good place cause you'll often see my truck in the parking lot!

    The Orlando extravaganza I've only heard about...
    We were invited to go last month but we couldn't make it...
    I can only imagine that it's spectacular...

    Only bad thing is when you get full---for that money...

    1. I can highly recommend Texas de Brazil. It is expensive -- figure about $60 a person with a cocktail and a tip -- but the meat is high quality and their sides and salad bar is also excellent.

      I am not familar with Crazy Grill. Is it possible you mean Crazy Buffet? This is a very upscale Chinese buffet, also all you can eat but not grilled, churrascaria-style Latin food. They have freshly-made sushi, Mongolian barbecue, crab legs, etc. Also very good -- for a buffet -- and less expensive by far, about $20 a person plus alcohol and tip.


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        I'm in Melbourne, actually. But I'm going to make a note of this restaurant in Tampa! We've been toying with the idea of heading that way for a little change of scenery!

        I heard about this kind of dining from someone who went to Brazil on a business trip, so I had to do a kind of blind search on the internet. These are the two that I came up with. I'm sure there's more out there! You're description of eating till I throw up or pass out sounds like the kind of place we're looking for - I'm pretty sure I could never eat $60 worth of food, but who could resist trying!!



      2. The Crazy Grill Web page doesn't indicate a price, so if it were I, I'd call ahead for a price comparison. If it's only a few dollars difference, go with Texas de Brazil. If Crazy Grill is a lot cheaper, give them a try so that, if you like it, you can try Texas de brazil next time if you wish.

        Please report back if you try either, as we are most interested in your experience.


        1. That's great advice - I was just looking at the Crazy Grill website as well and I think it doesn't look like it has quite the atmosphere as Texas de Brazil, but I will call them for prices and we'll let you know where we end up! Thanks!!

          1. Crazy Grill is right near Texas de Brazil. It's a little less expensive and the meat is OK but the food bar is absolutely awful. I recommend spending the extra money for Texas de Brazil.

            1. I've been to one of the lower-priced churrascarias in Tampa and believe me, they do not hold a candle to Texas de Brazil or Fogo de Chao. You get what you pay for! I haven't been to the Texas de Brazil in Orlando, but I've been to two of their Dallas locations several times and the experience has been consistently good. For those who prefer to eat a bit lighter, I believe you can stick to the salad bar for a more modest price. It is packed with not only veggies, but meats, cheeses, feijoada (Brazilian-style black beans--the national dish), and other assorted dishes. For those who do the full churrascaria, you're in for a treat. As another posted stated, the meats are high-quality and in unlimited quantity. In contrast, I could barely stomach the meats at a cheaper ($24)churrascaria in Tampa, and went home hungry. At Texas De Brazil, bring a fat wallet and an empty stomach, and have fun!

              1. No. I thought you were asking Texas de Brazil.

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                1. I'll throw my two cents in for Texas de Brazil. I don't think the cost is out of line for the quality and quantity of dishes offered.

                  If I remember correctly, you can graze on the buffet (it's way, way more than just a salad bar) for significantly less it certainly wasn't $42) than if you the whole meat/buffet route.

                  I can't wait to go back! The only draw back is having to drive to that God-cursed International Drive. Thankfully, it's on the Northern end of I drive so you don't have to dodge too many DY's.

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                    The salad bar only at Texas de Brazil is about $20 and there's plenty of high quality food for both the rabbit food lovers and the less than starving meat eaters.


                  2. I am a Crazy Grill Fanatic. It is authentic Brasilian food. Run by Brasilians. I have dined there many times. $26.95. I have eaten at Texas Brasil, too pricey. Now a new Rodizo has opened called GOL. Same as Texas Brasil but cheaper and better. have not dined at GOL but did get a chance to sample their Chicken wrapped in Bacon and it rocked. Casual dress.

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                      Have never been to Crazy Grill but LOVE Texas de! We go when we're in Aruba and Orlando. Be very careful with the salad bar. It is really good but then you're so full you can't really enjoy all the meat. I love their little muffins as well. Linda

                    2. i love texas de brazil and if you sign up for their email list you get coupons up to 50% from time to time DEFINITELY WORTH IT. they have like 18 cuts of meat so deliciouss

                      1. dear BabyBee...

                        you can not compare the two places!!!
                        it is like asking what is the best place for a honey moon? Paris or Haiti the day after the hurricane...
                        If you can afford $ 42 per person go to Texas de Brazil, if you dont have the money then go to Crazy Grill, they probably charge $ 26 which is waaaaay to expensive comparing the quality and selection offered at Texas de Brazil

                        Texas de Brazil is perfect for picky foodies and hungry people... if you are just hungry and doesnt care of quality Crazy Grill and Nelore and Espeto de Prata in Orlando (all mediocre churrascarias) should suffice

                        Most of the people here trying to help you have no clue; i was at Texas de Brazil 3 months ago and the place was so packed and there was a 2 hours wait time, i used their bathroom and decided to try the churrascaria across the street called Nelore - let me tell you: this place called Nelore was empty... there were more people in the Texas de Brazil's restroom than dinning at Nelore.... i went back to Texas de Brazil and waited 2 hours for a table,,, you take your own conclusions

                        By the way, i found out that this place Nelore opened across the street from Texas de Brazil thinking of taking customers that wouldnt wait 1 or 2 hours for a table at Texas de Brazil - so far they change the name 3 times trying to refresh their image but so far nothing... their quality is so bad and they are always empty..

                        it started as GOL TASTE OF BRAZIL - failure
                        changed the name to - NELORE - failure
                        changed the name again to - ESPETO DE PRATA - still failure

                        i hope i was helpful, if the price is too high i suggest skipping 2 or 3 mediocre meals at ordinary restaurants and trying Texas de Brazil once! you and your hubby will thank me!

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                          i do not believe they are the same people, nelore has moved to park avenue in winter park and is enjoying their new location, i think espeto de prata is the newest owners of that building. texas de brazil >> all else tho lol

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                            i would definitely choose texas de brazil especially if you sign up on their website for some coupons or specials when they have it ( anniversary, etc)

                          2. We have not tried Crazy Grill but have been to both Espeto (which used to be called Nelore and is only one block from Texas de Brazil on International Drive) and Texas de Brazil several times and to be honest we prefer Espeto. The service is better and the quality of the product seems to be of higher quality. We are in the hospitality industry and would recommend it very highly.