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Oct 17, 2006 11:53 PM

Dinner in Sturbridge

We'll be in Sturbridge for Sturbridge Village's Halloween event on October 28. We went last year and it's a great time, if you're interested.

We loved Wight's Tavern but it's closed now. I'm looking for a place for dinner that combines colonial ambience with decent food. I can't find any writeups on the Oxhead Tavern, but I was considering it. I'm also considering the Whistling Swan and the Publick House. Is the Publick House worth the money? Also, I'd like to get to Sturbridge Village by 6PM so would ideally be seated by 4:30.


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  1. I loved Perennials (at an inn on the main drag - I forget the name) - but that was almost 2 yrs ago.....are they still there? Still good? I have no idea.

    I stopped at the Whistling Swan a month or so ago - just for a quick bite on my way home to RI from a daytrip to the Berkshires. Ate at the upstairs bar (Ugly Ducking loft) and had a REALLY good mushroom soup.

    1. We were also at the Whistling Swan a month ago, did not really care for the food, and there was a hair in my salad. I know it happens, but things like that really turn me off. Will not be going back.

      1. FWIW The Whistling Swan's new chef was chef at Ken's Steak House in Framingham.
        Perrenials has moved to the corner of 20 and Cedar St.

        Consider the Salem Croft Inn? Brookfield. They have a drovers dinner. Nice colonial atmosphere, haven't tried it.

        1. Hi

          I would reccommend a place called Bin 469 which is located at 469 Main St. in Sturbridge. It does not have colonial atmosphere but the food is very good and the they have a great wine list. They also have a small jazz trio that plays on certain nights which makes for a very pleasant dining experience.

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            I'm so glad the Bin closed. I went there with eleven others one night and not a single one of us liked our dinners, especially for the astronomically high prices. Good riddance.