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Oct 17, 2006 11:35 PM

Lupicia fresh tea, Westfield SF report

I went in here just to browse on Tues 10/17/06. It's a very nice teashop, though they don't have any chairs or a bar so you can't enjoy it that much. You can see and smell all the teas they have, one lady working there told me there are 400 teas!! Crazy.

They had two samples that they were serving today: Jardin Sauvage a bag 1.7 oz/50 g is $7; Tin is $2 more. and Lavendar tea (a bag 1.7 oz $6.50/tin $8.50). I enjoyed them both.

These are sold out as of 10/17/06 and they don't know when they will get more:

Gyokuro "seiran no homare"-superior green tea w/ a gracefully deep & rich flavor & distinctive freshness 1.7 oz/50g is $15!

Jasmin dragon pearl 0.8oz/25 g $7.50

Happiness-blend of green tea & green rooibos flavored w/ fresh fruits & containing flower petals 1.7oz/50 g $60!!

under Genmaicha-herbal tea
Kirara rice tea-this aromatic Genmaicha is produced by roasting unhuling rice, "Kirara" in an old-style iron pot 1.7oz/50g $3

They have many types of black tea, black flavored tea, green tea, and green flavored tea. The lady said if you get a bag it'll keep for 3-4 months, a tin will keep it good for 1 yr.

I also got to try 2 other flavors that I wanted to sample, don't remember the names but they were store worker's favorites, which they noted. That was nice.

I'd recommended it for tea drinkers and others. You'll learn more about tea for sure.

Lupicia fresh tea
Westfield SF
865 Market St. Store 255 Lower Level 2
San Francisco CA 94103
(415) 512 6776-Mall phone no, I don't know the store's phone #.

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  1. I was there on Sunday and sampled their Kara Gold. It is a very smooth green tea with gold foil in it. It costs $8/bag. I believe it is 1.5 oz.

    They do have a lot of choices and very colorful tea leaves.

    I was so excited to find the "blossom tea" from Slanted Door sold there. The blossom tea is a ball of tea leaves with a pink flower inside. As you pour the hot water to brew the tea ball, it will open up like a flower in blossom. A bag of 5 costs $7.50. So, it is the same price as Slanted Door, only 5 times cheaper. =) It is a perfect gift to impress my host for the upcoming dinner party. =D

      1. yes, I post on both.

        1. hhc, I mentioned Lupicia on my blog, here's the actual post with a photo ... http://singleguychef.blogspot.com/200...

          Lupicia is from Japan and it opened an outlet in Honolulu. I love their teas, too. It definitely is a tea store, not a tea lounge, so don't go there expecting to spend time sipping tea. Although there are samples, you're mainly there to shop.

          They have so many teas and tons of people right now sniffing their cans. ;) But I lean toward their flavored black tea because it's unusual and you can't get them elsewhere. A lot of their green tea are pretty common, although the quality is definitely better than other stores. I'm definitely glad to see the store open in S.F.!

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            Between this place and Bristol Farms, I'll definitely have to make a trip to the new shopping center. And great blog, singleguychef!

          2. When I was out at Stonestown today, there was a sign mentioning a Lipicia had opened there also...

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              The Lupicia in Stonestown is a bit smaller in area than the one in the San Francisco Centre, but they carry all the same teas. Perhaps the Stonestown store will have the teas that the SFC store is out of. And, by the way, they have what seems to be a very nice website www.lupicia.com but it's only in Japanese. The manager of the Stonestown store told me that an English language website will be available soon.