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Oct 17, 2006 11:07 PM

Anyone Been to Cube?

Going to Cube on La Brea tomorrow night and wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions.

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  1. I've been a couple of times in the past 2 weeks. We've really enjoyed the charcuterie and cheeses - pricey, but tasty. I love that you get a little taste of the cheese of the day when you're seated, and that they're very clear on what's what (unlike BLD where I'm never even sure that we actually got what we ordered). The 5 year gouda is the most amazing cheese I've ever eaten.

    The other dishes are ok. I had pizza on friday that I didn't care for, and I found the roasted garlic pesto to be overwhelming, but that was just poor ordering on my part, and they were happy to bring me regular pesto to enjoy with my gnocchi. Be sure to check the specials - the braised lamb shank is tasty, and I can't remember the 4th dish we've had. I'm ordering a panini next...

    It's a nice, casual addition to the neighborhood. Enjoy.

    1. i've only eaten charcuterie and cheese, both are amazing. they probably have the best selection in the city. i don't know whether it's still on, but for a while they didn't have a liquor license, so you could bring in your own bottle of wine for no corkage.

      1. Yeah definitely grab a wine bottle or three before you go. In fact, if you show up without one, the waiter will tell you where the closest liquor store is (true story!). One of the best selections of charcuterie and cheeses I've seen in the city, without the pretentiousness.

        Food is so-so. I've had the ravioli, lasagna and soup of the day before (potato leek). Basic bistro fare, nothing to fawn over, but it's good.

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          1. I went two nights ago. The staff is very nice...I told them to hold off on my order while I drove to Trader Joe's to buy a bottle of wine (I hadn't yet heard that there was no wine/beer), and they were happy to do so.

            We had a cheese board ($21) and the daily charcuterie plate ($19), and while it was good, it wasn't great, and with the portion sizes being what they were, I'm not in a huge rush to go back.

            That said, the no corkage thing is pretty nice, and the quality of food seemed good.

            But, no kidding, after my date and I spent about $55 on the charcuterie and dessert, we went out and ordered a pizza.