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'wichcraft, SF report w/ menu typed up!

I went to 'wichcraft Tues 10/17 to try it out. It wasn't busy at all at 11am which was nice for me.

Noticed the drinks that you can help yourself to on the left of the cashiers. I got Fizzy Lizzy Fuji Apple soda 12 oz for $2.25, they had other drinks and bottled water including Vignette wine soda.

I couldn't decide on the sandwich I wanted, but finally picked roasted turkey which has avocado, bacon, onion relish & aioli on ciabatta roll $9.50. It's a small sandwich, turkey meat was dry, didn't taste any onion relish or aioli, avocado wasn't quite ripe. bacon was ok.

I also got one of the soups of the day: lentil w/ parmesan cheese. I liked it, wish it was a bit warmer. The other soup was tomato w/ parmesan cheese.

They take credit card and you'll need it, it's so expensive. They give you a flat plastic number and somebody brings it to you.

My total with tax was $17.07!! Very full now though.

I'll go back to try more *(see below). Recommended.

Hours now are 8am-6pm 7 days a week. They are fixing a bar area and probably in a few weeks they will extend their hrs.

I got a take-out menu so here it is:
Breakfast sandwiches & (served all day)

fried eggs --bacon, gorgonzola & frisee sandwich on ciabatta roll $6.25

onion frittata sandwich-roasted tomatoes & cheddar on ciabatta roll $6

smoked ham-avocado & butter sandwich on baguette $5

chunky peanut butter & seasonal jelly sandwich on triple decked pullman white $5

Greek yogurt w/ granola & honey $4

steel cut oatmeal w/ cinnamon brown sugar butter, toasted nuts & dried fruit $4

stone ground grits w/ smoked ham & yellow cheddar $4

Cool sandwiches (served from 11am)
goat cheese-avocado, celery, walnut pesto & watercress on multigrain bread $9

marinated white anchovies--soft-cooked egg, roasted onion, salsa verde & frisee on country bread $8.50

Sicilian tuna -fennel, black olives, aioli & lemon on baguette $8

chicken salad-walnuts, roasted tomatoes, pickled red onions & frisee on multigrain bread $9.50

salami -marinated cauliflower, mustard & baby beet greens on ciabatta roll $8

chopped chickpeas-roasted peppers, black olives, lemon & parsley on country bread $7

mortadela-mushrooms, pickled grapes & black olive mayo on sourdough $7.50

*half sandwich & soup-chicken salad, tuna, goat cheese, or chickpea sandwich & soup $8.50 (darn, didn't notice this 'til I got home)

in the mood for a salad? tuna, chicken salad, anchovies or chickpeas work great over greens too

Warm sandwiches (served from 11am)

pastrami-sauerkraut, Swiss cheese & whole grain mustard on grilled rye bread $9.50

chicken breast-roasted red pepper, mozzarella & pesto on grilled country bread $9.75

roasted turkey-avocado, bacon, onion relish & aioli on ciabatta roll $9.50

slow roasted pork-red cabbage, jalapenos & mustard on ciabatta roll $8.50

roasted pork-coppa, pickled pepper relish & fontina on grilled country bread $9.25

meatloaf-cheddar, bacon & tomato relish on ciabatta roll $9.25

**BBQ flank steak-roasted shitake mushrooms, grilled red onions on pressed ciabatta roll $9
**This menu item was developed by our Fresh Air Fund interns..Proceeds of this sandwich will be donated to the Fresh Air Fund.

grilled fontina-black trumpet mushrooms & truffle fondue on pullman white bread $9

grilled gruyere-& caramelized onions on rye bread $5.50

grilled cheddar-smoked ham, pear & mustard on cranberry-pecan bread $6.50

Soups & sides

olive oil potato chips-garlic or rosemary $2

marinated chickpeas $3

fruit salad-pineapple, mango, orange & grapefruit $3

daily soups $4 check www.wichcraftnyc.com


muffin $2.50

breakfast bread $2.50

cream'wich-peanut butter, chocolate $1

brownies & fruit bars $2

chocolate cupcake $2.75

868 Mission St (in the Westfield SF Center, next to Bloomingdales
eat-in, take-out, catering & delivery

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  1. That doesn't sound like much of a sandwich for $9.50!

    1. that's right. I'm a big eater, so I really needed the soup to moisten the sandwich and to fill me up. I'd still go back to try the grilled fontina-black trumpet mushrooms & truffle fondue on pullman white bread $9!!

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      1. re: hhc

        I tried the same sandwich yesterday- same thing dry meat and only the bottom of the bread was heated- so I had to eat it open faced and ask for more aioli to moisten it- I was expecting better hopefully it will improve

        tried the sardine sandwich as well- not bad but everything was very acidic and not so well balanced

        the potato soup was good though

        1. re: hhc

          I didn't mean it sounded small, I meant for $9.50 I'd expect first-rate ingredients, and to be able to taste all of them.

          1. re: hhc

            I had the fotina with black trumpet mushrooms at the NYC branch. It's a delicious sandwich. Excellent flavors and textures. It is on the small side though.

          2. where is harold's sandwich that was supposed to be on the menu here?

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            1. re: chowaddict

              I think it's this one (modified from the version he made on the show):

              mortadela-mushrooms, pickled grapes & black olive mayo on sourdough $7.50

              1. re: chowaddict

                That's what I looked for to when I popped in a week ago to see the place (but not eat). Harold's sandwich should be indicated on the menu. (After all some random interns who created a few sandwiches are noted on the menu.)

              2. Thanks for taking the time to put up the whole menu online....I really appreciate your making this effort! I will ofcourse give it a try...I hope someone clues them into our reports on Chowhound so that their 'shakedown' will end on a positive note...they only have one month to 'get it right' at least in my book!

                1. I finally tried out 'wichcraft recently. It is hard to find and I think it's weird when people say it's "inside" the Westfield San Francisco Centre when you really have to go out of the mall to get to it on Mission. But that aside, I thought the food was executed really well. They've hired some good people in the kitchen because they really make it a point to use fresh ingredients and to assemble the sandwiches perfectly. I do think that some of the fancy ingredients get all lost sometimes, so are they really necessary? I had the roasted pork grilled sandwich. I think any grilled sandwich will be a safe bet to order. It was very tasty but it had Coppa included, which is an Italian cured ham, and it just basically got lost in the roasted pork.

                  I was also surprised that it didn't seem that crowded. Granted, I was there on a weekday, but if this was in New York, it would be packed with office workers. The space is nice, but I think people are still wondering whether it's worth paying $9.50 for a sandwich. (And really, that's all you get. It would have been nice if they at least had a garnish!)

                  If you haven't been to it yet, you can see some of the pictures I took on my blog, http://singleguychef.blogspot.com/200...

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                  1. re: singleguychef

                    I'm not surprised it isn't crowded. There's a lot of competition for the lunch business of the relatively small number of office workers in that area, $9.50 is really expensive for a self-service sandwich, and none of the reports here have been wildly enthusiastic.

                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                      Yes, I agree about the price point. But I still think the location is going to hurt them more. They would do so much better if they were on the Market Street side of the mall instead of outside on Mission.

                  2. I had the grilled cheddar on cranberry-pecan bread. The ham, cheese and bread were tasty; the underripe pear was lost. Overall, I didn't think it was worth the price, and my budget only allowed for one of the least expensive menu items. I'm sticking with Birley's in Embarcadero for my fancy sandwich needs: probably more delicious, equally handsome, definitely cheaper (though not cheap).

                    1. I had Harold's sandwich (the mortadella) today. It was pretty good--the olive mayo was delicious. The pickled grapes just kinda tasted like slightly-cooked grapes. But jesus, $7.50 for a small sandwich? Even A.G. Ferrari is cheaper (and gives you more sandwich)!

                      1. My wife and I went in January, and it totally sucked. We were two of four patrons, it took almost a half hour for our sandwiches to come out, and I've had better sandwiches from whole foods, molly stones, AND safeway.

                        For shame, Tom Calshmuckio. You should pack up your knives and go back to NY or the Tv studio or wherever...

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                        1. re: chowed

                          That could be out of date, from recent reports they may have gotten their act together.