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Good supermarket snack food?

I have a tendency to graze/snack all day when I'm studying, so I'd like to ask if any of you have supermarket favs that isn't messy to eat, and is not too unhealthy (I should be able to pronounce the ingredients).
Ever since I've discovered kozy shack, I've been hooked on rice pudding. Damn them.
I also like lindt dark chocolate and costco nuts.
What else is good?

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  1. TLC crackers (made by Kashi), Snap Pea crisps, and White Cheddar Pirate's Booty. All are cheapest at Trader Joe's. No guilt.

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      I like TJ's honey wheat pretzel sticks... perfect psuedo-healthy snack food.

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        Trader Joe's is a mecca for fairly healthy snacks. My favorites:

        > Trader Joe's Chocolate Chip Granola Bars (2 Grams of Fiber!)
        > Spicy Mango; Dried Cranberries & Goji Berries
        > 50% Less Salt Cashew Pieces (1 Pound for $2.99!)
        > TJ's lower carb Corn & Flaxseed Chips
        > Edamame

        If you are willing to put in a little time.. make your own humus (its easy) & purchase whole wheat pita or naan at TJs

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          Oh my! Thank you maestra for tipping me off to the Snap Pea Crisps- they are tasty! How do you keep from polishng off the bag in one sitting? :)
          I got the original flavor- are the caesar worth trying?

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            I accidentally bought the Caesar once, and I didn't like them at all. I gave them away. I almost never buy flavored things, though, so I'm not a good measure for that.

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              Good to know- I'll stick with the original...

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            snap pea crisps? you mean the vegetable equivalent of chicharrones? no guilt? h-m-m-m.

          3. I like the Quaker Oats rice cakes, especially the Multigrain ones. I don't know how healthy they really are, but they're light and not too sweet.

            1. Wasabi Peas - kinda healthy right?
              Real Fruit Juice Gummy Bears
              Cucumber and Miso
              Nori wrapped rice crackers

              1. Glenny's Soy Crisps or Spud Delites
                TJ's freeze-dried fruit
                Barbara's Puffins cereal
                Baby carrots
                Babybel light cheese
                Popping corn (pop it yourself in the microwave so you can skip the chemicals)

                1. Maybe a little more than a light snack but I like to grab a bun and then head to the deli counter. Not particularly unhealthy if you put the right stuff on it.


                  1. Stacey's Just Naked pita chips. I can eat a costco-sized bag of these all by myself. Good plain, or with a dip. I served these with hummus and muhammara as munchies recently and everyone wanted to know where the chips came from.

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                      I love Stacey's cinnamon sugar pita chips- with a scoop of cottage cheese, it's a reasonably healthy sweet treat.

                    2. My favorite: my palms have turned slightly orange from the amount of baby carrots i consume per day (not to worry, beta carotene is easily excreted)

                      HEALTHY STUFF
                      -- toasted pumpkin seeds from trader joes (eat with husks for fiber = more filling and tasty too)
                      -- banana crisps with a little sea salt on top (TJ's)
                      -- sugar snap peas
                      -- hundred-calorie packs of cookies
                      -- hard boiled eggs
                      -- sugar free jello pudding cups (60 cal/cup!)
                      -- pretzel twists are unusually filling, but watch the salt
                      -- grapes (more water, better than raisins)
                      -- frozen mango chunks from TJs
                      -- popcorn

                      EVIL STUFF
                      -- your favorite cereal
                      -- peanut butter filled pretzel bites from TJs
                      -- Catz cookies from TJ's
                      -- Wheat thins
                      -- chocolate covered coffee beans, raisins, cherries, anything
                      -- pita chips (addictive!)
                      -- walnuts and raisins mixed together
                      -- semisweet chocolate chips from TJs
                      -- dried mango

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                        hey! have you seen the new purple carrots? First they were just purple skins, now there is a new all-purple carrot. AND it too will turn your skin color if you eat too many.* Little boys will be begging for purple carrots breaskfast, lunch, and dinner!

                        *factoid learned last night at a dinner party from a seed co. rep.

                        1. Chex Mix - my new favorite is the Tropical flavor. I have the new Apple flavor waiting in the wings.

                          Soy nuts from Trader Joes and hickory flavored soy nuts found at Kroger in the organic/health section