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Oct 17, 2006 10:16 PM

restaurants between bathurst and yonge on steels

hi, all

i am looking for a good lunch place for tomorrow. my workplace is around keele/steels, so i am looking for a place that is about 10min drive.

been to 'me va me' around bathurst and steels. but want to try something new.

i have been to this dimsum place in the plaza across street from the canadian tire yonge/steeles. good dimsum. i would love to go back but don't know their name and what they are serving for lunch. anyone know about this place?

don't know anything about the west side of keele on steels.. anything good?

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  1. Well, One of my favorite deli is in there. In the Swiss Chalet plaza, there's Steeles West Deli. Love their food there. And the Deli is very good too. (I am a Pancer's guy myself)
    If you are in a mood for a "all day breakfast" lunch, try their French Toast. It is my absoutely favorite!

    1. I think the dim sum place you're thinking of is Furama House which is now defunct.

      Beyond the places mentioned above...Sababa is a Mediterranean grill similar to Me Va Me but about 1/2 way between Bathurst and Yonge. If you like that cuisine you'll likely like Sababa. Just north of Steeles on Bathurst is Meron Brothers which is also the same kind of thing.

      The plaza where Furama House was has some other Asian places as well as a Hugarian eatery but I haven't been to any.

      Beyond that...hmmm...Kiva's is a nice informal bakery cafe place on the south side of Steeles just west of Bathurst.

      That's about all I can think of but hopefully it helps a bit.


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      1. re: fleisch

        hm. i am not sure if we are talking about the same dim sum place. I was there two months ago.

        i have heard of Sababa but i thought it is more like a take-out place than a dine-in place. no?

        1. re: perl

          I wouldn't recommend Sababa for eat-in. You can, but when I did once, i didn't find most of their dips, etc. very good and the service was not very good. Their falafel is very good, but it is worth it to take it out - very cheap and quick. Me va me is better for their salads - even better is Tov li, south of Steeles on Bathurst on the west side in a plaza. Good for salads, pizzas, falafel, etc. It's kosher, so it's all dairy/vegetarian.
          Not familiar with the dim sum place.
          I am very familiar with that area and unfortunately I can't think of any standout places to go eat.

          1. re: pescatarian

            I've been a Sababa regular for 15 years and have never had a problem when eating in there. We also use their take out when we don't feel like going out. They've been consistently good.

            I can't really think of anything else in that area that is particularly outstanding. If you like fast food, I like The Golden Star on Yonge just north of Steeles. While it is fast food, it is good. Better than your average McDonald's/Wendy's.

            1. re: pescatarian

              sup pescatarian... as per the earlier discussion, I went and tried out a couple dips at Tov Li. The hummous is quite good: quite light yet with a nice flavour, easy on the tahini, gets better as you try more of it, actually. However, the garlic in the babaganoush was much too sharp, and I found it overwhelmed everything else. Would've been good if that had been toned down.

              Still, I can't say enough about the Me Va Me hummous (moreso the one with olives)... love the meld of flavours and the almost exorbitant creaminess of it. And whenever I give others a try of it, the usual response is a double-take and a "Damn, that's a good hummous!" Some of their other dips are really good as well.

              1. re: Chester Eleganté

                I like Me Va Me too. I really like the salad platter at Tov Li though. I love their mutbucha, fried eggplant dip (not the babaganoush, not a big babaganoush fan in general) and hummous. They also include a "coleslaw salad" that is simple, yet delicious the way it melds with everything else on the plate.

        2. Try the Schnitzel House in the plaza on the north side of Steeles, just west of Yonge. Traditional Hungarian with a great schnitzel sandwich. It's served on Potugese style bread with mayo and tomatoes (ask for a squeeze of lemon).

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          1. re: robb

            So in that plaza, there's the Hungarian, the Iranian, and the Korean. And...there's a joke in there that I can't quite recall. Anyway, North serves very good Persian food (and is more upscale) and Hanil Kwan has some solid Korean fare. And if you're in the mood for a nice veal sammich there's the Nino D'Aversa bakery a few doors down, or California Sandwiches back over at Weston and Steeles.

            Sababa has both the restaurant and the grocery/take-out area.
            It is good. <--- hard hittin' analysis 'round 2:45 in the morn.

            1. re: robb

              I've been there twice for schnitzel. The first was good. The second so-so. The vegetables were horrible frozen yuk. The one thing for sure: spring for the extra money and get the rot kohl.

            2. just came back from the dim sum place - "lao lee beef noodle seafood restaurant". still there and they are serving cart style dim sum in lunch.

              we got there around 12 and the place quickly filled up. half of them are not-chinese.

              had lots food. particular like the various dumplings (shrimp & vege, pork & vege). one of my friend is bit of vegetarian so we ordered a mix vege fried noodle. it looks little bit of burn, and tastes bit of bland, lots vege though. but i would not order this kind of noodle in a chinese restaurant. the table besides us ordered the 'beef noodle soup' which i would recommend otherwise, my friends whoa it when they saw it. big bowl full of beef and noodle with redish soup. that's why this restaurant called 'beef noodle' :-)

              the two dishes "bean shoots" and fried noodle we ordered off the dim sum costed $20 which i regreted. overall the dim sum are good. i have visited this place 4 times and i will go back again.

              total bill $57 for 4.

              they have another place at 4271 sheppard ave east, just 2 blocks east of kennedy. and i had been there for dinner. not sure if they have dimsum though.

              Lao Lee beef noodle restaurant
              100 Steeles ave west ( 3 doors left of 'north' in the plaza )

              1. Try the Centre Street Deli- not on Bathurst but on Centre street west of dufferin. Really, one of the best delis in teh city.

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                1. re: sherry f

                  You mean out of the city. It's in Thornhill!!!!!

                  1. re: Fredster

                    You're right! But you know the north side of Steeles is also Thornhill!