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Free-range Thanksgiving turkey?

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I read a similar post from 2004, but wanted to see if anyone has new advice. I'd like to order a fresh free-range bird to pick up in DC before Thanksgiving. I found www.cibolafarms.com, but I'd be interested in other options.

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  1. I don't know what the response was in previous years, but at least in years past you could order one in advance from Polyface, a regular at the Arlington Courthouse and the Dupont farmers' markets.

    1. Whole Foods usually carries them, and takes names around the holidays.

      1. I don't know if you can only pick it up in DC but, if not, Ayrshire Farms is Humanely Certified and supplies Hunters Head Tavern.


        It's not that convenient but a beautiful drive.

        1. Market Poultry in Eastern Market on Capital Hill, generally has them year round. 202-543-7470. Closed Mondays.
          For holidays, you MUST order ahead.
          Also chicken, eggs, game. Prices lower, quality higher than Whole Foods. Family owned local business.

          1. Wegmans in Fairfax carries them.

              1. South Mountain Creamery carries them and you can have them delivered. Ordering is going on now. Southmountaincreamery.com

                1. For the truest free-rangers of all, I visit my brother in upstate NY, get a non-resident permit, and shoot a nice fat bearded turkey for myself. I don't know how you can have a "free range" domesticated turkey when ol' Tom and his turkey buddies live wild and free over a broad geographic range in the U.S., waiting patiently to be harvested.