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Oct 17, 2006 09:12 PM

Have you had candy cap cheesecake?

Has anybody had this? I saw it today at the mushroom place at the Ferry Building. It's made by San Francisco Cheesequake, and the price ($10 for a cupcake sized cheesecake) dissuaded me from trying it without a recommendation.

I'm really curious what this would be like. I love their, er, more dank fungi, but I've never tried candy caps or anything in the sweet vein.

Has anybody tried this?

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  1. This is cheesecake made with real candy cap mushrooms? Sweet or savory?

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      It has real candy caps, yes, so I'm imagining it would be sweet. I didn't check the ingredients b/c it was behind the glass case, so I'll have to ask when I go back tomorrow. It looks like your average cream cheese cake body topped with what must be a carmel colored mushroom pate.

    2. I had candy cap ice cream at Quince a year or so ago, served with walnut crepes and carmelized apples- wonderful. The ice cream had a mapley-smokey flavor that I never would have guessed came from a mushroom.

      Candy Caps are pretty special. I may have to bite the bullet and get me one of those cheesecakes.

      1. I tasted that cheesecake a few weeks ago - loved it! The candy caps taste like maple syrup, so the cheesecake is actually quite sweet.

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        1. re: lettuce

          Thanks lettuce, I think I'll check it out.

          I'm curious to know if the cheesequake company makes/sells their stuff elsewhere. I bet they have some other interesting creations as well. I don't see them online at all, but I will ask the mushroom man when I get down there.

        2. I finally had the cheesecake the other day. It was very well done and tasty, but not unique enough to really merit the high price. Apparently the guy that makes them is somehow related to the store owner, so it's all in the family. He does also make other interesting combinations that I'm keen to try.

          1. Is this a different cheesecake than the one sold by the raw food stand at the Saturday market? I tried that one a couple of weeks ago. It was a slice, and had blueberry sauce on top, $6 IIRC. It was really tasty, but tasted like coconut more than anything else to me. I didn't taste anything maple-y and certainly nothing mushroomy.