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Oct 17, 2006 09:08 PM

Dim Sum- Oakland?

Looking for the best reccs for dim sum in Oakland. I live in Alameda, so frankly, Oakland is easier than SF.

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  1. If you live in Alameda, East Ocean on Webster is probably the best bet in terms of food and parking.

    If you want to venture into Oakland CTown, Legendary Palace and Peony are good options. Joy Luck is also a good cheap option.

    1. Why not go to East Ocean on Webster in Alameda. They have outstanding dim sum, carts on the weekend, very reasonable. There have also been some good reports on Chef Wok which is right down the street from East Ocean. Again, I think carts on the weekend only.

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        Chef Wok is OK, but East Ocean is much better, and amazingly good value.

        1. re: RodW

          Chef Wok has a bigger selection, dim sum menus on the table with prices if you can't find what you need from the carts, and is less expensive than East Ocean. I found the jooks to be so much better than EO.

          But the room isn't much better than the previous Cambodian restaurant, but that doesn't matter to me at all.

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            I agree that the selection at Chef's Wok is bigger and has a few more of the "latest fashion" in dim sum, but I'm not sure about the prices -- seems to me they're pretty comparable. Both times I've had dim sum at Chef's Wok they've seated us in the front room, and I noticed the carts/trays usually turn to the back room first, so I'd suggest requesting a table in the back room.

      2. Stay away from Yo Ho which I think went downhill from our previous chowdown there.

        Joy Luck is good for cheap and decent dimsum. Get the fried oyster - have to order separately.

        I took a quick look inside Peony and this place seems to have really good dimsum now. Everything looked refined. My experience several years back pale in comparison. Maybe things changed.

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        1. re: Han

          From the perspective of a former Joy Luck regular, IMHO Joy Luck has declined in the past year... been heading to Gourmet Delight for cheap dimsum. About the only thing still redeeming @ JL is their deep fried tofu cubes (w/ the sauce on the side).

          For better quality, Legendary Palace & Peony are the way to go... DO NOT GO TO Jade Villa.

        2. Has anyone tried King of Kings on E. 12th St near 11th Ave?