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Oct 17, 2006 08:36 PM

Wheelers - closed?

Zagat's says Wheeler's is closed. I just tried to call and got no answer. I will be in London soon and wanted to eat there. could someone please confirm if it has, indeed closed?

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  1. I believe it has been closed some while

    As far as I know, Marco Pierre White bought it and spend a fortune doing it up but I am not sure if it ever opened under his auspices. He sold it on to Matthew Brown and I think it limped on for a while. but, I have not heard tell of it for a long time. I did find this website

    When I first came to London, there were a few Wheelers around ( I think they may have had 12 in all ) but now there are none

    One of them has now become Bentley's Oyster Bar ( I think it was always under than name though ) and is run by Richard Corrigan.

    It would be a definite substitute if that was what you were after

    hope this helps


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