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Oct 17, 2006 08:36 PM

parent's 40th

Mom & dad are coming from Ottawa for their 40th wedding anniversary. I was thinking of Rosewater... Anyone been there lately, or can suggest an alternative
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Being a senior, I like a quiet atmospere, and good service.
    Of course fine food as well.
    Blasting music a loud buzz and overly friendly staff is a definite no.
    Chaido is just one suggestion, as it is relaxed and the staff make you feel "important".
    Love the place, and the choice of fresh whole fish.

    1. No! Not the Rosewater! Too loud, faux-luxe in a corporate restaurant kind of way, etc. Take your parents somewhere more quiet and dignified. Scaramouche is lovely, classic and classy, with a great view to boot.

      1. North 44. Classy, quiet, good food.

        1. Splendido without a doubt.
          Could support Scaramouche - but no way for Rosewater.

          1. depends if they are into traditional food or if they prefer something a bit more adventurous. if your parents are like mine they would definitely not enjoy splendido at all.