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Jan 4, 2005 04:59 PM

fish and chips on Pen??

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Can anyone recommend a good fish and chips place on the Peninsula?


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  1. this may be a bit out of your way, but the half moon bay brewing co. does a decent fish & chips, or at least they did the last time i was there about 6-8 months ago.

    i'm always up for good f&c, so i'm curious what others might post....


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    1. re: artemis

      I haven't been there, however I have been to Ketch Joannes which is north on 1 from HMB. I'm not opposed to driving over the hill, however I am still looking for a local place too.

    2. I like Cook's Seafood in Menlo Park, but I haven't been there is ~5-7 years, and I went there for clams and chips and clam chowder.

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      1. re: Alan408

        Cook's Seafood is great - they use fresh halibut in a light crispy batter...chips are frozen, standard, big things, but edible.

        The fish market side also has nice stuff.

      2. Its not on the Peninsula but Tied House in downtown Mountain View on Villa is where I go when I need a fish and chip fix. They also offer a smoked salmon version that's different in a good way. They have a good selection of beer and carry ciders (a plus for me).

        1. a light bulb just went on in my head and i decided to check the fish market's website to see if they offer it on the menu.... apparently, it's listed on their sample menu as "panko fish & chips w/fresh alaskan halibut." i've never had it there and panko isn't really a traditional preparation, but it might be worth a shot. their many locations across the penninsula would be at least convenient. if i get there soon, i'll post on it (all this fish & chips talk has stirred a craving....) probably should call first as their menu supposedly changes daily.


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            At the Fish Market in Del Mar we had excellent fish and chips. I have wanted to make a trip to Palo Alto to repeat the experience. I can't recall if it was the panko-breaded halibut, but it sure was good, tasty, fresh--the whole bit.

            1. re: patrick

              aces, thanks for the input! do you recall if they served it with just "chips" or did you get the cole slaw on the side as well (maybe if you were a *real* smoothie about asking...)? this really offers me some incentive to try the san mateo/palo alto one, whichever i'm closer to at dinnertime.

              thanks again!

              1. re: artemis

                we got coleslaw and chips, both. Both very good. But I don't recall if we had to order the slaw separately. We also got n.e. clam chowder, also yummy.

          2. If you like old style pub atmosphere, try the Rose and Crown Pub in Palo Alto. Decent fish and chips, and decent list of drafts selection.